Future of Crypto Payments 2020 - CryptoBreakfast with Dmytro Baimuratov

@0:38 Why did Dmytro Baimuratov choose the topic of meetup: Future of Crypto Payments 2020?
@3:19 About the Crypto Hryvnia project and how it can be successful.
@4:02 Which of the two Crypto Hryvnia projects is more interesting for Dmytro Baimuratov.
@4:37 How new merchants can start using Paytomat?
@5:29 Why Paytomat is EOS-based project? Advantages of EOS Blockchain.
@8:38 What does Paytomat think about becoming an EOS Block Producer?
@9:35 Future of Stable Coins.
@11:17 Regulation of cryptocurrencies around the world.
@13:05 Regulation of Paytomat activities in different countries.
@15:43 What are the primary markets of Paytomat adoption?
@18:31 Useful tip from Dmytro Baimuratov: The more unstable the currency of particular country is, the more cryptocurrency usage we'll see there.
@19:24 What are the plans of Paytomat regarding Latin American market and Venezuela particularly?
@20:23 Paytomat has the open positions of country managers all over the world.
@20:54 Paytomat application for merchant and for customer (Paytomat wallet). How to use them. What is the difference.
@22:35 How Paytomat will stimulate the customer to use only the Paytomat wallet?
@23:32 What is a Paytomat's Simple wallet protocol?
@24:53 Security of the Paytomat wallet and Private key.
@25:23 Newbies in crypto have some issues with creating the EOS accounts unlike the user-friendly Paytomat wallet.
@27:36 What is the near future of ICO?
@29:52 Why did Paytomat decide to change the last stage of ICO and choose another model?
@33:13 Paytomat is presented in all social networks. The best place to get an answer to the question immediately is a Telegram group.

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