Cryptodinner with Dean Rakic “Blockchain in Manufacturing and Healthcare"

Welcome to the Cryptotexty Cryptodinner! Today our speaker is Dean Rakic. Dean was the speaker on BlockchainUA conference yesterday. Welcome to Ukraine! Please tell a bit about yourself what are you doing and how you came to the blockchain industry?

Thank you for the invitation the first and also for recommendation for the conference that held yesterday here in Kyiv. First of all, I would like to say that I'm really impressed about community around the blockchain and the crypto here in Ukraine and Kyiv, probably I will do some more business here in the next period. My involvement in a blockchain technology and industry at all comes something about five years ago. Nevertheless, I'm almost 30 years in a software development industry and in the last five years I was just step by step comes up into the blockchain technology. The first point it was just a research what is it, how it's working, where could, should be that implemented or is it possible to implement or not to implement and so on. In the last two years I did a lot of public speeches about the blockchain implementation in some different fields, for instance in healthcare and AI held digital healthcare and also in a supply chain in manufacturing and in some tourism and such kind of different sides of the daily life usage.

The topic of today's meeting we have a Blockchain for health and for manufacturing. Can you say a bit, how do you see these two industries in general are developing and in particularly, maybe there are some interesting projects with which you are working now and that you can make some real-life use cases of these industries?

First of all, maybe it will be interesting to say something about the manufacturing or the production or supply chain at all, because all of those tiny parts manufacturing productions are the parts of overall supply chain. At the supply chain we have as a process in which the business receives some raw materials it should be produced or reproduced or manufactured from some raw material into some values to convert some raw materials into values. That values should be transferred to the end-user or to the customer. The coal process contains so many steps or tiny parts that are involved in that process. That process from supply or from the raw material to the production and also during the process of distribution and transportation lead us to the end customer. There’re so many parts that should be analyzed and find some features, more features, new features or to analyze if there are some obstacles, if there are still happens and still remains. Nevertheless, the digitalization comes also in the world of supply chain.

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