CODEX Exchange Listed Beam Coin

Today CODEX exchange listed Beam Privacy

What is Beam?

Beam is a new word in cryptocurrency confidentiality and scalability. Using a new protocol called Mimblewimble (we told about this protocol yesterday in GRIN's listing article), Beam offers confidential transactions that can’t be altered, forged or canceled. The Beam blockchain stores only selected information about transactions, excluding the amount and addresses.

The Beam’s blockchain stores state snapshots instead of transactions per se while the current transactions are stored on the network nodes in the form of Merkle Trees. Transactions are hashed and then written to the blockchain, ensuring zero-knowledge proof to verify the value of a transaction in the future.

Apart from the usual transactions, Beam supports adding audition elements, such as invoices or contracts and provides extensive support of transaction-derived methods, such as vested or conditional transactions, shared funds, loans and other. Besides, Beam offers online and offline transactions, Atomic Swap, mixing, hardware wallets, and anonymous commodities, which improve the overall anonymity.

Thanks to Mimblewimble, Beam provides the Proof-of-Stake functionality.

Project website:

Key features:
Confidentiality. Apart from the usual transacting methods, Beam supports secure, auditable transactions and additional kinds of funds transfer and control mechanisms. Beam's blockchain doesn't store addresses or other private data in respect to users' confidentiality.

Equihash mining. Beam is based on the GPU-compatible Equihash hashing algorithm.
No ICO and premine. Good to know, there was no ICO and no premine. BEAM is backed by Treasury and its governance is planned to perform through a non-profit organization after the Mainnet launch which already took place.

Price and capitalization of Beam (BEAM):
The current market cap of BEAM is estimated at $3,000,000. The 24h trading volume is $2,282,875, or 635.73 BTC. The BEAM coin is ranked 1787th at Coimarketcap. The current price of BEAM is $1.01.

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