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Bitcoin Cash DeFi Idea

After studying DeFi and different projects around it, I see one of the problems (and maybe both opportunities niche). It's relatively easy to stake tokens and earn additional income, there is also a possibility to borrow. But in order to borrow, you need to stake your crypto (and usually at least 150% of what you need to borrow). And what about the people who don't have any crypto? Why then to speak a lot of pathetic words of how DeFi will help the unbanked, etc. when many of such people don't have crypto at all. And if they have, it's easier for them just to sell it for fiat, and then when they need cash again - sell again, without going into borrowing stablecoins.

It seems to me, that this is one of the biggest obstacles for the DeFi growth. Ok, so how to borrow without staking crypto? There should be some collateral, otherwise it will look like an airdrop.

So that's where Bitcoin Cash DeFi idea came to me. There is Read.Cash web-site where people earn money by publishing articles, reading, and commenting. So the basic idea is that your Read.Cash profile can become your collateral.
So the idea is that you can get some cash (Bitcoin cash, and it's the currency used on the site) instantly, using your Read.Cash profile as collateral.

There could be some mechanism to calculate your maximum number of BCH which you can borrow, and there might be a mechanism that can direct your future profits into paying this loan.

On the top of the site, there is "Pledge" button where people can support the Read.Cash fund, so there might be another button where people can support "Bitcoin Cah DeFi" or "Read.Cash DeFi". Even on the platform itself, every day $500 are distributed by Random upvoter and MarcDeMesel upvoted several posts with thousands of dollars with of BCH.
Many people don't sell their earned BCH so they can be lenders, and some people who need instant cash can be borrowers.

In a way, this model will have advantages comparing to Ethereum DeFi projects, such as fast transactions and small transaction fees.

Is this something interesting? Will there be demand for such services? I live these questions to you, let me know your opinion.

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