Cryptocurency has gone global already, there is hardly a sector that don't know about it an to some large extent some have even adopted it in their operations. It then means that the block chain is at its exponential state of growth and is gradually taking over the world and the system of operation of many companies both private and public entities. Even with its already established milestones, there are still more to be done by this same Innovation in the business world particularly which isn't the reason why Smathium was put up.


This platform is targeted towards remodeling the way loyalties work by simply adopting the block chain tech and using dApps to allow easy creation of this same loyalties and the use other token at the same time. There are so many issues encountered when arrangements are put up for loyalties and then relieves the Enterprises of the stress that come as a result of this platform. Looking into the world and how things are recently, loyalties are motivating factors for clients to adhere to a particular retail shop and not to another and when this is done, the retailers who knows the value of the loyalties they give enjoy the outcome of their sales and how their businesses flourish without limit. But it is not possible to or let's say not easy to keep up with loyalties when the retailer is not having enough to make that possible but with the help of Smathium, it wouldn't matter again whether a company is just starting out or has existed, they will find it easy to blend with the categories of those that does that. The default in the present day loyalties is such that even when it is made possible it doesn't come in volumes or quantity that is up to their expectations so they just receive it anyways and a large percentage of them stays discontented with that.

The if this is one the reason why sales are come about in businesses, then why not make it possible for many store owners to have in abundance so they can influence and attract more patronizers. This is where the concept of Smathium sprung from and now it will benefit the market at large by the time a robust loyalty arrangements like this one is made to function. Some very big organizations like airlines find ir hard to do so and that drops their values but this platform will be building them and making up for what they are not able to do. Now the privilege or we can call this an advantage is now opened for a type of entities and of course with that, they will be able to secure a long term loyalty system from their clients while avoiding the short term to boost sales and make people locked up to them.
This platform is decentralised in it's functions, it is so difficult for other to copy its Innovation because of the features it owns are very immutable and unique to the transactions they are used to perform. The SMA token therefore stands to be useful in this course but that will come after the dApps has been installed to be used in the activity. All the operations that will take place in the ecosystem will be sponsored by the SMA tokens and that currency will be relevant as long as the setup remains.

This platform makes anyone a part of the system real quick without holding back itself. This increases the chance of getting more people to benefit from it and also make users benefits so well from it. Now it will be capable of connecting users to retailers and making them have a good relationship with themselves and with the operations that holds them together.

Now as oppose to getting points as a reward like it is done in other loyalties, this platform allows the users to have their rewards in form of coins that can be any assets the customer chooses and as they do so it will be theirs.


This is truly what can increase the sphere of many companies and make them flourish without pursuing clients. The steps are already set to be followed once a retailer chooses Smathium. This is truly a great setup considering the features and tools it uses. This platform has created a global solution that will be adopted markets to see the result as it should be. Lesser cost is required to use and it is very reliable for its users to trust.

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