SCAVO Technological Mining Farm

The commercial model of the SCAVO token is the base for SCAVO technologies. SCAVO tokens acquired by the investors have other values. These tokens of the investors symbolize their part in the mining farm. So these tokens bring them to profit from the mining farm for life. They aim to build self-sustaining and scalable mining centers using renewable resources for power generation. The distribution of SCAVO tokens in the Initial Coin Offering will bring financial strength to SCAVO technologies. Then, they will finance the construction of the entire system of mining center. The estimated maximum amount of money raised will be 83,600,000 dollars. And the minimum amount will be 500,000 dollars. SCAVO technologies is a company based in Argentina. They specialize in the construction of telecommunications data center infrastructure for crypto mining using renewable resources. They aim to build the large-scale crypto mining farm of Bitcoin and altcoin.

The SCAVO token is an ERC20 token based on smart contract on the Ethereum network. It is highly backed by mining hardware as well as other equipment in the system. The tokens are given to investors. The acquired tokens in return give the investor profit from the mining farm. The token holders are benefited from every other benefit from the farm.
Global Energy Framework
✅ Energy consumption in the IT ecosystem

Recent founding suggests that the IT sector is a major energy consumption sector in the world. The estimated amount is 1400 to 1600 Twh. It is 10% of the electricity generated worldwide. China and USA are the leading energy-consuming countries in the world. By 2030 the energy price will rise. Also, cloud computing will consume energy in vast numbers in 2030. According to cloud computing, the fastest growing application is the mining of cryptocurrencies. The amount of energy consumed by Bitcoin and Ethereum are heavy too. The energy efficiency is overtaken by transaction, minors and the market cap. Only those who can access electricity safely at affordable prices can work better in the IT sector.

✅ Global Electricity Market

Although the world is developing fast still there are differences between the supply of electricity in developing countries and developed countries. For the next 30 years, the demand for electricity will rise by about 70%. The production of electricity for the future will mostly cover by fossil fuels. In the future electricity will be governed by new technologies like multiple intelligent actors creating a better equilibrium.

The energy supply is the major dependent of the crypto mining business. Thus, price and availability of electric power are important for the crypto mining. This has led to the search for low-cost energy in the mining operations. The main way is to get energy from fossil fuels. This action of countries with low socio-economy has led to climate changes and harmful effects. Dirty energy supply along with some countries intervention in mining has caused manipulation. This has opened miners into problems of fluctuations in energy prices and regulatory changes. SCAVO aims to use conventional energy independently by generating energy from renewable energy sources. This mainly focuses on solar energy. Thus, SCAVO is a climate-friendly platform. It is more profitable and decentralized.
With the vision to focus on self-sustainability, scalability and giving everyone the possibility to be an active part in decision making SCAVO ensures the future of blockchain technology. SCAVO intends to remove imbalance supply of energy and provides unbalanced distribution of energy over time and space. Thus, it will be another solution for the different energy prices in the market. Their own power generation stations are a long-term investment. Those who are willing to invest in the SCAVO project can have lifetime profit.

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