MUZIKA - Transforming the Music World through Blockchain

About Muzika.
Muzika revolutionized the music industry by establishing an independent and true digital music ecosystem that would eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, empower musicians and consumers, decentralize distribution power, and restore the balance of economic distribution among market participants. Muzika holds the promise of the future where compensation for music creation is comparable to the effort and dedication put into the creative process.
Music is first digitized in MP3 form, the audio file format is usually compressed to only 3 to 4 megabytes per song on average. This innovation was provided by all other previous media from music, such as CDs and cassettes, obsolete and changing industries through enabling digital distribution. This has positive and negative effects for musicians. On the one hand, they are now able to release and distribute new music around the world at will. On the other hand, pervasive copyright piracy leads to a consequent decline in music sales, and exorbitant commission distributors, combined to reduce musicians' personal gain.
Napster, a file sharing peer-to-peer (P2P) service engineered by Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker, led this revolutionary transformation. For the first time people can share digital audio files online, and services are fast gaining popularity among American students. At its peak in 2001 around 80 million registered users.
Muzika will bring innovation to the value chain in the digital music industry.
We will reform how values ​​are created and captured by various players in the industry. We will restore appreciation to those who create value, from those who only transfer value, while restoring lost parts of digital piracy through blockchain technology.
What makes us different?
The previous music blockchain project has ignored the importance of a large user base to achieve wide-scale adoption. These projects have shown that it is possible to give artists a higher level of commission for their work using Smart Contract transactions. However, for artists, the low commission rates offered from traditional music streaming applications that have a large user base are more attractive than blockchain applications using Smart Contract transactions. For example, a 10% commission of $ 1,000 from iTunes is preferable to a 90% commission of $ 1 from a Smart Contract transaction.
Muzika is built on 2 million active users
Unlike hundreds of ICOs without proof of practicality, Muzika is not starting from scratch. The token economy is strongly built on the backs of our existing, profit-generating, and privately & publicly funded business with 2,000,000 active users & subscribers from 150+ nations and artists from 30+ nations.

Through years of experience, we have learned the precise ways to build a community run by loyal and incentivized individuals: a key to success of any community-based blockchain projects.
How Muzika will revolutionize the music industry :
Muzika builds an ecosystem which is driven by artists and their fans who are rewarded for the level of dedication and devotion put into music creation and consumption.

For Fans :
Fans will be rewarded for their various community activities (e.g. share, like) with loyalty points, which will be converted into MZK coins. Fans can use MZK coins to sponsor their favorite artists, supporting them and in return receive exclusive benefits like can enjoy exclusive & sponsor-only products, services, and opportunities to experience day-in-life-of their favorite artist and be involved in the creative process of a musical product.

For Artist :
Unlike social media platforms like facebook following, user base in Muzika will not only work in community activities (like comment or share) but will also have a chance to sponsor their favorite artist.

Muzika ecosystem will also include production support to create a music album making it possible to make music without having to sign with a record label. The large user base and integration with popular platforms like Mapia company will help the larger distribution, consumption of artist content and get rewarded highly for their creativity.

In addition, Muzika platform will offer community programs and events such as auditions, contests, live-streaming events which will help the new artist to get established and make their name.

Why the need for blockchain :
Smart contracts for transparent and fair distribution: Smart contract will allow automatic and instant transfer of tokens. No longer wait for end of month to get loyalty points or worry about if the transfer of tokens was fair and accurately distributed.
The content ownership right: With the use of blockchain, all contents information (e.g. owner) will be securely saved in the database which will allow interested parties to check if there are any undisputable record of who is the rightful owner of what content, hence protecting ownership right.

Official Sites.
Bitcointalk username:;u=1673535

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