Bravo's Tip or Pay App Aims to Bring Crypto Payments Worldwide

Bravo's Tip or Pay Mobile Payment
While most payments today are done digitally, there are still a few instances where cash is king. Like when you want to tip your waiter, valet, barista or even your favorite band. Many shop vendors, especially in developing countries, also only accept cash. While cryptocurrency at this stage remains inaccessible to most service professionals and micro-merchants.

Taking these kinds of small cash transactions and making them compatible with cryptocurrency is the challenge that BRAVO aims to solve with its iOS and Android applications for simple, proximity-based payments where users don’t have to exchange any personal information, namely Tip or Pay.

BRAVO’s tip and pay application bring about a functionality which is easy to use for secure and anonymous transactions on a daily basis. Perhaps this is the sole reason as to why BRAVO has such a strong hold in its user base within months of its launch.

BRAVO's Tip or Pay mobile application meant giving easy access to anybody who wants to paid or get paid from devices such as smartphones and tablets. The application currently only supports US Dollars and has a community of tens and thousands of active users who use the app for transactions daily.

The application is slowly evolving with its aim to expand worldwide by incorporating cryptocurrency payments and integrated Blockchain technology. This further reduces costs and increases the speed of transaction of the platform.

Implementing Blockchain technology will expand the back-end of BRAVO thus scaling payments faster so as to accommodate global expansion within its sphere.

Key Features for the Tip or Pay Application Include;

Rating and messaging your favored service professionals, musicians, merchants or anybody else after using the payment service
Finding users who are close to you by GPS and paying them directly without the need for contact information such as email ID’s, phone numbers or usernames.
Completing the process of signing up within seconds through Facebook, your email-ID or your phone number.
Viewing your transaction history and revenue trends at a glance.
Seamlessly adding your bank or card details to receive or send money instantly.

About Bravo
Bravo is an already existing business, an application for anonymous micro-payments, that you can use to send and receive payments using cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. Build for a generation that demands quick services, Bravo is one of the best ways to make payments in a secure but anonymous way.

Bravo was first created to be used in the US market with fiat currency (USD) but the company decided to launch its own token. In 2017, Bravo beta version was featured on ABC's SharkTank landing a deal with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner. Since then, Bravo has gained a significant amount of traction with a community of tens-of-thousands of users and millions of dollars worth in transactions.
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