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As of today, one of the most valuable resources in the world is customer information, allowing some entrepreneurs to make their business more successful and profitable, others – to obtain the necessary data on the tastes and preferences of consumers to create new products, and the third – to create more comfortable and effective products.

Today, the collection of information about consumers is quite difficult and expensive procedure. It is important to note that the latter do not benefit from the collection of customer information, which is why they are reluctant to provide their own data and share their views.

The solution to this situation will be a new platform called Aquest, which will provide consumers with the opportunity to share their own information, promote trade brands and get a financial reward.
Project objective
The main purpose of the developers is to provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to create effective marketing companies with the ability to reward consumers for the data provided.
Principle of operation
Aquest is a decentralized application with an intuitive and simple interface that allows business owners and large companies to create various tasks for customers and consumers in order to obtain valuable information and promote their own brand.

This application will mainly be used by the following categories:

the creators of ICO;
financial services sector;
pharmaceutical company;
retail representatives;
famous brand.
For completing quests with the help of Aquest, each client will receive a reward in the form of internal coins of the platform or tokens specified by the creators of tasks.

Among the main tasks that can be presented within the application Aquest, should be highlighted:

completing the survey;
visiting a specific link;
repost entries in social networks;
subscribe to a group or channel;
application installation;
search for objects in augmented reality.
It is important to note that all tasks created by entrepreneurs are integrated into the applications of the Enkronos system and allow you to create a specific client base. In the future, each of the business owners will be able to attract these customers to new tasks of partners, which are also aimed at increasing the popularity of their products.
Among the main advantages of Aquest should be highlighted:

high level of security provided by the Enkronos application stack in combination with smart contracts;
availability, implying the possibility of completing quests without passing KYC and without regional restrictions;
the ability to use smartphones to complete quests;
worthy of reward.
It is important to note that even ICO can use this application in order to increase the awareness of your project. At the same time, as a reward, they can provide their own tokens intended for Airdrop.

The main means of the platform will be the coins AQU, which will be used by entrepreneurs and owners of companies to create various tasks. If necessary, within the framework of the platform, these coins can be converted into ENK tokens, which can also be used to create tasks. The conversion will be made in the following ratio 2 ENK = 1 AQU.

To purchase coins AQU will be possible during crowdsale.
Dates and details of the ICO
The developers of Aquest intend to release 200 million coins. Public sale of coins will be carried out by the creators of the project in the period from February 25 to April 9 this year. The cost of the 1st coin will be 0.006 ETH.

Softcap project - $1 million, hardcap - $39 million.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows::

Application Aquest will be very popular among business owners and consumers. This is due to the fact that the first for a relatively small amount will receive valuable information to improve the business and make it more profitable, and the second will be able to earn income, spending only a couple of minutes a day to perform minor actions.

It is also worth noting that this project is the only one of its kind and has no analogues in the world of cryptocurrency. Therefore, investing in its development can be very profitable.

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