ALCEDO - Making digital currency in everyday life

Wandering around the world of the web, I found a very interesting and well proven project for you. Spend a few minutes reading this review, I promise you will like this project and its awesome ideas. In addition, this review will be different from the same one made for carbon copies, I will try to include the maximum amount of information and details, so you can better understand all the details of the project, past experience of team members, analogues and competitors.

ENJOY IT..!!!!

ALCEDO creates an ecosystem that integrates blockchain technology into everyday life. This makes cryptocurrency available and can be used by everyone in the world. Access to the ALCEDO platform only requires a smartphone and Internet access. Its mission is to provide customers with easy access to crypto currencies. Since 2016, we have developed and programed platforms with databases for savings plans, gold and cryptocurrency and have received very good market recognition. We offer interested parties, such as we believe or are interested in crypto currencies, as a method of payment in the near future, have smooth and transparent access using the ALCEDO platform. Our platform allows you to make cash or non-cash payments, and also supports all major crypto currencies. Look here:

The ALCEDO platform contains all the functions needed to process cryptocurrency operations. The ALCEDO ecosystem can handle various types of cryptocurrency, wallets and coins. The ALCEDO team constantly improves the system, and also exports crypto ATMs from well-known producers (GeneralBytes, Lamassu). By integrating ATMs into the ALCEDO platform, it is possible to integrate other crypto machines. Independence of producers guarantees efficient and economical ALCEDO trade. Using a specially developed connection API that is different from others, the ALCEDO platform has the latest crypto purchases and selling prices. It is also proposed to exchange cryptocurrency for paper money (for example, euros), and vice versa. All transactions are recorded in the database on the ALCEDO platform and are available on request. In addition to crypto ATMs, service points will help ALCEDO customers through an internal service platform. The ALCEDO ecosystem offers its customers opportunities unique for buying and selling cryptocurrency outside the Internet market and with personal support from platform support. They will also assist in using ATMs and answer all questions regarding cryptocurrency. ALCEDO-cell significantly simplifies cryptocurrency processing on smartphones. It's easy to send and receive different coins. In the initial stage, Bitcoin token, ETH, and ALCEDO will be added, but this range will continue to be expanded from time to time. This wallet is designed to work together with crypto ATMs and the ALCEDO platform. For a euro exchange in cryptocurrency, the process is almost identical for get coins in the machine, ie scan the QR code and receive coins. The mobile application includes a map showing all cryptocurrency ATM locations in Germany. ALCEDO b dumper is made with the highest safety standards. After downloading and registering, all users of this wallet will receive 10 free ALCEDO coins. POS-terminal (or place of sale) functions as an intermediary between retailers and customers and provides the ability to make transactions and purchases based on any cryptocurrency. Most terminals are currently outdated and don't have an interface to accept cryptocurrency. ALCEDO offers a new solution with high-quality POS-terminals that can connect and interact with the platform. With a POS terminal like that, clients will be able to pay for their purchases with cryptocurrency. The terminal will handle crypto currencies, as well as regular, safe and secure customer cards. The amount of money will be paid to the merchant either in cryptocurrency or in the selected Fiat currency (EURO), directly to the seller's account, using integration with the ALCEDO Platform. These terminals are still being developed, but will soon be on the market. ALCEDO Coins is one of the most important components of the entire project and designed as ERC-20 on the blockchain Ethereum. Every user who has 10,000 ALCE on the ALCEDO platform does not need to pay commission fees when using the platform.

Price of ALCE PreICO: 1 ALCE = 0.2 EUR
Price: 1 ALCE = 0.4 EUR
Payments received: ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment: 50 EUR
Soft cap: 100 000 EUR
Hard cap: 16 000 000 EUR
White list / KYC: Yes
Forbidden Zone: US, Afghanistan, China.

As a result, I witnessed projects that were well thought out with aggressive ambitions and every opportunity to realize them!
This project is implemented very simply and at the same time contains very large functions and good ideas to solve many problems!
This project has a very good ranking on most lists, and this is justified, considering almost unique ideas and professional application.
The project team does everything in its power to support and improve the project. He likes to answer all questions from the community and investors. And most importantly, it won't disappear after ICO! And this is very important in our day. As I said, project estimates are very high, and they are not given by ordinary people, but by professionals! I advise you to study this project in more detail, I see great potential in it!

I am very glad you have read to the end, and this means you like my review and this project. And this is the main thing I want to achieve by working on this review. I try to convey all the information gathered in the shortest and simplest form, the easiest to understand!
Thank you very much for being with me.
I hope you are lucky and know more about the project that attracts many investors !!!
ICO [01.12 - 31.05]

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