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Tokengo GoPower Token Economy

GoPower Token Economy 

As has been rightfully mentioned above, apart from paying remunerations for Harvesting and Activity, up to 90% of the total amount received from Minting is distributed among the GoPower token holders. Let us consider its definition, characteristics and economic potential at TokenGo in more detail.  

GoPower (GPT) 

GoPower is a token emitted on the Ethereum blockchain. GPT is the fundamental highly liquid unit of the platform and is used for the TokenGo ICO. The total amount of tokens produced is limited to 700 million GPT. No additional emissions are provided for. 

ICO Tokengo

  • Dates: February - April 2018. 
  • Soft Сap: 10 000 ЕTH. 
  • Hard Сap: 250 000 ETH. 
  • Finished on: either by reaching Hard Cap or upon reaching the end of the ICO. 

Accrual of GPT Tokens at ICO Stage 

When an amount of GoPower tokens is purchased, their ownership is registered in the electronic (software) form after 3 acknowledgements using Blockchain technology without a need for any verification procedures or providing any identification documents.  

All purchased tokens become available in the participant’s Personal Cabinet and can be withdrawn to the participant’s own wallet at any time.

This does not apply to tokens accrued to participants during the bounty campaign. Those GPT can be withdrawn only after the TokenGo ICO procedure is completed.   

GoPower Token Potential 

The TokenGo consensus utilizes the customized modified DPoP (Delegated Proof of Power) algorithm which is based on DPoS/PoW hybrid algorithm. Its specific features include the use of a special GoPower token, which is the basis for determining the GoCoin minting priority. The more GoPower a Delegate/ Miner owns, the more GoCoins he or she can receive during distribution.  

Up to 90% of all produced GoCoins will be distributed among GoPower token holders.  

Therefore, the main driver of the token cost growth is the possibility of participating in GoCoin production. 

GoPower has paramount importance when distributing GoCoins (GOC) – TokenGo’s in-house cryptocurrency. Thus, under otherwise equal conditions, the more GPT a participant of TokenGo has on the account when remunerations are accrued, the more coins he or she will receive to the account as a result of distributing the total amount of GOC produced by minting.

GoPower provides Voting Power which is 10 times higher than that of GoCoin for earning income from voting.

The Voting Power is directly dependent on whether a participant has GoPower and GoCoin. Thus, the higher the Power value, the higher the TokenGo Voting Power this particular participant has when voting.

Use of Tokens after the Completion of the ICO Procedure  

After the ICO procedure completion, the TokenGo cryptocurrency exchange will be launched where GoPower tokens will be freely sold.

GoPower tokens will also be available on other cryptocurrency exchanges acting as TokenGo’s partners. 

GoPower Token Migration  

After the TokenGo blockchain platform is launched, anyone interested will be able to take part in the procedure of token migration from the Ethereum platform to the TokenGo blockchain platform at the rate of 1 to 1 where a holder of renewed GPT will have all the specified additional options. 

Monetizing the TokenGo Platform 

The principle of the TokenGo platform monetization is simple and clear.  

The basic platform services will always be free of charge for an unlimited number of people including individuals and legal entities. Chargeable services will be provided on a one-time basis or by subscription.  

The TokenGo platform will charge a commission fee in the amount of 3% of ICO campaigns raising funds in GOC. The commission fee will be transferred to the TokenGo account after the campaign is successfully completed. The money will be invested in the platform maintenance and development.  

The platform will charge a fee for additional services provided by the platform such as web-design, creation of customized landing pages, development of DDoS protection and data security solutions, etc. In most cases, this will be cryptocurrency outsourcing on a mutually beneficial basis.

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