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There are three types of a referral bonus:1).Global bonus on ICO, 2).Personal referral bonuses,3).Bounty referral bonus.

Here it is necessary to make small retreat. Record in Whitelist has opened. Till February 27 it is necessary to be in time to receive still an additional-special bonus! He can reach 50% and will be calculated by managers of a campaign. So it turns out not three — and the whole four bonuses! At what project will you be able to find such conditions before the start of ICO? You can find here:

I have already registered and now I wait for the answer. But now we will pass to the description of bonuses.So, what represents Global bonus on ICO?

30% for the first week of ICO. 20% for the second week of ICO. 10% for the third week of ICO.And 5% for the fourth week of ICO.Here everything is simple and clear. But we don’t forget about a special bonus! The quicker you register in Whitelist,the more there will be yours Global bonus!

Next bonus it Personal referral bonuses. There are two types of Personal referral bonuses:1). Inviter’s personal bonus.2). Invitee’s personal bonus.Both personal bonuses are tied to your referral link. The personal bonuses are accumulative. The more GoPower tokens you purchase, the more your bonus and the bonus of your invitee’s.

You can always look at structure of calculation in a private cabinet having pressed bounty the button here

But also it is not all! Especially for registered in whitelist- the bonus increases the strength of the referral link to +5% for the inviter and the invitee! Wow.Cool!

And at last bounty referral bonus.
Bounty Referral Bonus is 2% of GPT Tokens from all tasks performed by the invited referral.But with one condition: 2% begin to accrue only if the invitee has a purchase of at least 100GPT or earned at least 10.000GPT in the bounty campaign.
Well and finally I want to pay your attention that since February 27 the cost of tokens of GoPower will increase by 0,5% a day. There is a sense not to be late!))
Oficial TokenGo telegram:

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Tokengo is making steady progress towards their goals. Today there are not so many worthy ico, but this ICO is worthy of attention. As for me, the idea of this project is excellent, the developers have tried very hard to make the project a success, and they go in the right direction!

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On the bounty from TokenGo you can earn, it is a fact, not really. I have personally well is obtained. But the best option is still to buy a token, when there is ICO. Every day the price increases by 0.5% so delay yourself more expensive. This is a great opportunity to invest and increase your capital.

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