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At present, the fact that all goods and services produced are consumed by people is almost completely ignored. All existing relationships in the world can becharacterized as "person: CONSUMER", when this relationship has to be "person:value". The solution of this problem is the main task of the Decentralized Autonomous organization ORIS.Space (hereinafter referred to Dao.Oris.SPACE.)TAO.Oris.The space unites the participants ORIS.It's a space platform, and it provides a massive crowdsale.

Oris.The space project is the last revolution. It is comparable in scale with the advent of the Internet or blockchain technology. The base of the ORIS.The space project is an intuitive forecasting system: the ORIS mobile application, in which the existing and known components have been combined into a new configuration. As a result, a unique technique was created to access the human subconscious, which is used to create
reliable, relevant and easy to check people profiles.

These profiles form the basis of a man: a VALUES-based ideology.

Currently, all services that allow people to create personal profiles, use the entered information for selfish reasons (promotion of various information, hidden and open advertising, etc.).) without informing the owner of the profile.

Oris.The space project, thanks to its promotion through the ORIS mobile app, is the first to give profile owners the opportunity to earn money from their profiles by answering questions from various market research organizations and opinion polls.

They can also take advantage of a number of other services, from forecast exchanges and bookmakers to issues related to everyday life.

Funds raised through crowdsale will provide funding for ORIS.The space project, and will take place in the reserve of the smart contract, which manages the issuance of the TOKEN ORGONA.

Not so long ago, I talked about the Tokengo platform on this platform was launched bounty Oris project.Space

1 ORGN = 0.001 ETH

We are pleased to inform you that on April 13 at 23:00 a new bounty campaign will be launched on the TokenGo bounty platform.
The project is called THE Oris platform.Space. This will be a full-fledged bounty campaign, which will last for at least 80 days.

Almost all tasks in the usual format will be available.
This is another project that we are launching as part of testing and promoting the bounty platform TokenGo.
The payment of bounty campaign platform ORIS.Space will be credited tokens in the office by analogy with TokenGo.

Tokens can be withdrawn at the end of the ICO.
Bounty-campaign platform ORIS.Space starts at 13.04 at 23:00 and lasts until 07.07.2018
Oris.Space is there

The Oris platform is the Foundation for a variety of Applications that require high-quality, impersonal user profiles.

The website platform:


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