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We continue to introduce the capabilities of the TokenGo platform and the features of ecosystem. 

We believe, if a project has not set up an incentive and reward system for token holders and the token offered can only be sold without loss, it means that the token does not have any uniqueness or value. Holders of such tokens will get rid of them at the earliest possible opportunity and use them for speculative purposes only.

For the TokenGo platform closeness and natural token circulation are important. Participants should be able and willing to exchange tokens. Without circulation, which is a must for any efficient financial model, success cannot be attained. 

The TokenGo ecosystem ensures the complete closeness of economic and social processes and meets all the aforementioned present-day requirements in order to succeed and enable its participants to earn income.

GoPower token owners are by default allowed to participate in producing the project’s in-house payment cryptocurrency — GoCoins — through the process referred to as Minting. 

GoCoin (GOC) is a single payment instrument on the TokenGo platform, a cryptocoin which is generated daily as a result of minting based on the proprietary, modified DPoP consensus algorithm. GoCoin is distributed among the platform participants by a special algorithm and provides financial backing for ICO procedures on the TokenGo blockchain.

GOC coins produced by minting are distributed as follows: 

5% are distributed as a reward for Delegates/Miners. The remaining amount is taken as 100% and distributed among GoPower token holders and Activity and Harvesting participants as follows: 

During the first month of the platform operation, 100% of GOC are distributed among all GoPower token holders as a reward. 

Starting from the second month of the platform operation, 90% of GOC are distributed among all GoPower token holders and 10% of GOC are distributed among participants based on Harvesting and Activity results. 

Starting from the second year of the platform operation, the amount of GOC to be distributed among all GoPower token holders will be reduced by 10% annually, while the amount to be distributed based on Harvesting and Activity results, will, in its turn, increase by 10%. This will go on until the ratio of 20% to GoPower token holders and 80% to Activity and Harvesting participants is achieved. 

This mechanism is preconditioned on the monthly increase in the number of participants involved in Activity and Harvesting processes, which will naturally require an increase in the total remuneration amount to be distributed. At the same time, the estimated inevitable growth of the GoPower rate will maintain the attractiveness of rewards in GOC received from minting and distributed among GoPower holders. Thus, natural regulation of the GOC distribution will be attained, without the need for any additional emissions. 

GOC received as a reward by GoPower holders, Delegates, Authors and Curators, can be used as follows: 

  • to pay for any products or services provided by the TokenGo platform or projects connected to it, including any online stores, service bureaus and other services;
  • to put up for sale on the in-house cryptocurrency exchange;
  • to be instantaneously exchanged using a special trading robot;
  • to be invested in ICOs of projects connected to the platform to purchase their tokens for earning extra income in the future. 

Originators of projects and business models interested in holding ICO procedures will purchase GOC as the only means of settlement with TokenGo when implementing campaigns for those projects. This can be either a basic connection to the TokenGo Blockchain involving emission of their own tokens, or a payment for additional products and services offered by the platform, such as web design services, creation of customized landing pages, development of DDoS protection or data security solutions, etc.

Third-party investors who do not have their own GoCoins to purchase tokens of the projects holding ICOs can also purchase the coins through the TokenGo cryptocurrency exchange. 

GoCoins received in the course of ICOs can also be disposed of by any means available:

  • paying to the TokenGo platform for any current works or services,
  • paying for any products or services of other projects connected to the TokenGo platform such as online stores, service bureaus and other services;
  • putting them up for sale on the in-house cryptocurrency exchange.
  • exchanging them instantaneously using a special trading robot. 

GOC can be purchased using some popular cryptocurrencies or fiat money. In order to enable instantaneous exchange, the TokenGo platform utilizes a proprietary crypto-exchange robot which exchanges necessary currencies in the real-time mode and pays remuneration to sellers in the necessary currency. 

Thus, a closed cycle is formed, which continuously maintains the attractiveness of the in-house coin (GOC) and the GoPower token.

Main Components of the TokenGo Closed EcosystemTokenGo 

Web Platform 

TokenGo is a unified platform with Personal cabinets and systematized information about services and projects, which have already been or are to be connected, as well as about current ICO procedures and Crowdsale in those projects (a monitoring platform). Each platform participant can look through all statistics of his or her activities on the platform: how many and what kind of tokens have been bought, availability and amounts of cryptocurrencies in wallets and information on transactions completed. Participants can also read news about forthcoming ICOs, act as miners, take part in bounty campaigns, earn some in-house tokens, improve their “karma”, use GoCoins to purchase products or services offered on the platform, connect their own services, purchase an engine to emit their own tokens and cryptocurrencies, etc.

TokenGo ICO Website Constructor

Entrepreneurs and startup and project initiators obviously need comprehensible and easy- to-launch websites to hold ICO procedures, enabling easy integration with the crowdfunding blockchain platform. The TokenGo ICO landing page constructor solves this problem to the full extent. ICO originators are able to flexibly customize their websites to hold ICOs and promptly, in a few clicks, integrate them into the TokenGo web platform.

TokenGo Smart Contract Constructor 

Why are existing blockchain based smart contracts unable to solve the issue of automation? They lack full integration with the outside world. The unique TokenGo smart contract constructor simplifies interaction with the ecosystem and minimizes the impact of the human factor on the ICO systematization and regulation.

TokenGo Cryptocurrency Exchange 

The cryptocurrency exchange is an essential component of the TokenGo ecosystem. Its flexible architecture allows integrating an unlimited number of currency pairs. An advanced trading page, simplified balance checking, intuitive simplicity of the interface and synchronizing with Personal cabinets of the TokenGo web platform facilitate and accelerate income generation considerably.

TokenGo Voting Harvesting 

TokenGo is a blockchain based platform providing fair rewards to its participants. We appreciate each vote and therefore offer a customized modification of the DPoS consensus including fair distribution of all produced GoCoins among GoPower token holders, Authors and Curators who take an active part in creating media content, voting, writing comments and reviews.

Harvesting is a crucial element of the ecosystem and plays a great part in the TokenGo Community formation. The economic and social incentives embedded in the GoPower token are able to motivate the overwhelming majority of participants to perform certain actions aimed at achieving the shared goal and receiving a timely and fair reward proportional to the contribution made. 

Active social networking, along with forming and selecting high quality content, is among the goals of the Community development.

Any participant can develop the Community by means of creating and posting media content, reviews, expert judgments, translations, etc. as well as participating in discussions, comments and voting on different issues.

You can seen TokenGo ecosystem functioning on the diagram, which reflects the entire closed cycle of circulation of GoPower and GoCoin coins. 

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