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Blockchain platform TokenGo Bonus Program for investors

Hello, friends. Today I’ll try to describe blockchain platform TokenGo for you. Also, I’ll tell you about a team working at the project and its prospects, advantages and disadvantages. The idea about creating TokenGo was put forward about a year ago, at the beginning of 2017. Then they started to form a team, develop a project conception, organize a group working and create a prototype.

This team worked on some really good projects, such as:

ZenSoft IO – a project to develop software solutions in different areas, business, blockchain, management.
Neo Service –a major developer of the automatization on software’s and technology solution’s base in the CIS.
CJSC “Tartip” – a big company, providing information and software security services. Bounty campaign and PRE-sailing GPT (tokens) started at the end of 2017. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) started In Jan 2018. It will end on 04.30.2018 at 00:00 UTC.

ICO targets:

Time frame: Feb – Apr 2018;
Soft Cap: 10 000 ETH;
Hard Cap – 250 000 ETH;
Finish: Hard Cap or at ICO’s end.
The company's advantages are the following:

Convenient ecosystem including many scenarios after ICO’s ending, such as:>
  • Variability of participation in the project (delegates/miners, token holders, curators, authors, investors, ICO authors);
  • Understandable and available base (Whitepaper);
  • A pretty successful ICO’s rate;
  • Incredibly convenient personal account;
  • Young and robust team;
  • Generous bounty programme;

The main aim of the project is creating as more comfortable system of tokenization business as it possible. It has many opportunities:

Some advantages of this program may turn unto its disadvantages. But the main problems seem to be the following:

The system of crypto currency is not fully developed and studied, and the team isn't experienced, so the platform can stay at the level of the idea (project), and be never launced;
Whitepaper is good, (IMHO: but it contains too little specific information and it’s not too detailed in setting goals that the program plans to achieve;

There are three types of a referral bonus:1).Global bonus on ICO, 2).Personal referral bonuses,3).Bounty referral bonus.

Here it is necessary to make small retreat. Record in Whitelist has opened. Till February 27 it is necessary to be in time to receive still an additional-special bonus! He can reach 50% and will be calculated by managers of a campaign. So it turns out not three — and the whole four bonuses! At what project will you be able to find such conditions before the start of ICO? You can find here:

I have already registered and now I wait for the answer. But now we will pass to the description of bonuses.So, what represents Global bonus on ICO?

30% for the first week of ICO. 20% for the second week of ICO. 10% for the third week of ICO.And 5% for the fourth week of ICO.Here everything is simple and clear. But we don’t forget about a special bonus! The quicker you register in Whitelist,the more there will be yours Global bonus!

Next bonus it Personal referral bonuses. There are two types of Personal referral bonuses:1). Inviter’s personal bonus.2). Invitee’s personal bonus.Both personal bonuses are tied to your referral link. The personal bonuses are accumulative. The more GoPower tokens you purchase, the more your bonus and the bonus of your invitee’s.

You can always look at structure of calculation in a private cabinet having pressed bounty the button here

But also it is not all! Especially for registered in whitelist- the bonus increases the strength of the referral link to +5% for the inviter and the invitee! Wow.Cool!

And at last bounty referral bonus.
Bounty Referral Bonus is 2% of GPT Tokens from all tasks performed by the invited referral.But with one condition: 2% begin to accrue only if the invitee has a purchase of at least 100GPT or earned at least 10.000GPT in the bounty campaign.
Risks that do not fully depend on the TokenGo program itself: the problems of cyberattacks (projects and investors), or just insufficient involvment of investors, and, as a consequence, not achieving the required amount of ETH for Soft Capa.

Finnally, I want to say that despite the shortcomings the program is slowly but surely approaching the goal. And its success depends on us as well.

Oficial TokenGo telegram:

Контакты проекта:

Сайт -

Белая бумага -\_whitepaper\_RU.pdf

Telegram -


Comments 3

I see great prospects in TokenGo. I am glad that I joined the project at such an early stage! There are many opportunities in the project that you should not miss! I'm sure that all the capabilities of the TokenGo platform will be in demand, and so the project will shoot.

06.04.2018 14:18

The bonus program is quite heavy, but also profitable. Thanks to all the buns, you can get + 50% of the coins bought, which is quite an impressive figure.

06.04.2018 17:24