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Modern technologies allow making computer

Modern technologies allow making computer systems more and more "smart". In particular, machine learning is used by Facebook, Google, Amazon - for example, to convert speech into text, to recognize faces and to give personalized advertising. The same technologies help doctors of different specialties.
Only in the United States, 453,000 cases of colitis are recorded annually, with 29,000 cases leading to the death of the patient.
For this reason, doctors decided to use other methods that are directly related to modern technologies, which were discussed above. The team at the University of Michigan has developed a method that predicts the likelihood of colitis in different patients. For this, medical data from a human card is used. So far, the technology has just been tested, but it has already shown excellent results.
During the analysis, the machine checks for about 4000 different factors, including placing the patient's bed, his visits to the doctor, placing beds of other patients and all other data. Usually, patients in the hospital are not in one place, but are moved around the hospital. And if somewhere there is a source of infection, then it works. The main thing is to identify this source on time
In general, machine learning and AI are becoming increasingly widespread in medicine. Basically, it is just about automating any routine processes that are important for diagnosing the disease, but which take a large amount of time for the doctor. And the more time a medic spends on such a job, the more tired. As a result, the same X-ray images are analyzed by a person with much less attention after work for several hours than at the very beginning of the work. Accordingly, the accuracy of diagnosis falls.

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