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❗️II-system AiFi automates any store❗️

📢The solution developed by AiFi specialists implies not only the lack of sellers, but also cash desks. Buyer just go inside the store, choose the product you like and go further on their business. Write-off of money for the purchase is automatic - the AI ​​algorithm will do it all yourself. The AiFi explains that their solution makes it easy to automate any already operating store or supermarket, whereas Amazon has to completely modernize the point of sale.📢
🔺In addition to the fact that AI from AiFi is able to independently release goods and count customers, it is able to collect data on how visitors behave. Collecting statistics and analyzing the information received, the program eventually learns to better manage the store and serve customers. The collected data array is processed and then transferred to the owners, who can also take note of the information.🔺
♦️ Avi's startup head noted that the system will begin testing at the end of 2018 - the first store will open closer to Christmas and New Year. After AiFi tests its development, the company plans to open a whole network of such "smart" supermarkets.♦️

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