📌📌AI can help you protect your personal data📌📌

🔹Most people do not always find the time to read the rules and conditions on the websites before accepting them. These texts are not only very long, but also confusing, they are set out in an opaque legal language.🔹
🔵However, they may contain unpredictable Provisions on the right to collect and use applications and websites such as your IP address, age and personal interests on the network.🔵
🔴To help consumers better understand what they agree on, a joint team of researchers from the Lausanne Federal Polytechnic School, the universities of Michigan and Wisconsin-Madison has developed a program that uses AI to decipher the policy of websites for data protection in no time. This program called Polisis can be used for free as a browser extension (for Chrome in FireFox) or directly on their website.🔴
📢📢Polisis uses simple graphs and color codes to show users exactly how their data can be used. This allows you to immediately see which data site will be authorized to collect and for what purposes. Then you can make an informed decision about whether to use this website or download this applicatio
The program also indicates which options you have for refusing to share some data, and lists the potential shortcomings of each.
Polisis works in conjunction with the Pribot program, which is an online chat room where you can ask questions (so far only in English) about the policy of the website for information protection. For example, you can enter the query "Will my credit card details become available?" And receive an on-line response.

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