A new artificial intelligence system can predict a person's sex based on his smile

πŸ“£πŸ“£A new artificial intelligence system can predict a person's sex based on his smile. Such a system was developed by British scientists from Bradford University, discovering a marked difference between the smiles of men and women.πŸ“£πŸ“£
πŸ”ΊAlthough automatic facial recognition is already available, existing methods use static images and compare fixed facial features. The new system first uses the dynamic characteristics of a smile to automatically distinguish between men and women.πŸ”»
πŸ”΅In the course of the study, the experts outlined 49 facial landmarks, located around the eyes, along the nose and near the mouth. These benchmarks were used to assess how a person changes during a smile as a result of muscle movement, including an assessment of the change in distance between different points. Then the researchers analyzed whether there were significant differences between the female and male smiles, and concluded that the female smiles are more open, broad and expressive. Based on the obtained data, the team of specialists developed an algorithm based on a smile analysis, which was subsequently tested using video materials in which more than 100 people smiled. The algorithm was able to correctly determine the sex in 86% of cases, and experts believe that the accuracy of the system can be easily improved.πŸ”΅

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