"The Deal Coin" - blockchain lending platform.

For the presentation of this project, we need to go a little from afar. Let's start with a description of the problem.


Many people often think to start their own business. The advantages of owning your own business are obvious: there is no boss and you work for yourself within a flexible work schedule allowing to distribute your time during the day. But let's be honest, there is a positive side, but there is a negative one also .

Despite all the advantages, owning a business is a very ambitious goal, and according to statistics, most start-up companies and business enterprises are being closed at the initial stage of existence. There are many nuances in this area: your idea, the presentation of your business, its uniqueness, your independence, but the main problem is the initial capital, that is, your financial "cushion". 

In such situation, the government tries to help initiative people who decided to conquer the business "Olympus".

Banks and business development.

In fact, in most cases, small business does not require significant financial investments, while providing a rapid turnover of investment resources and a good business-development dynamics. Small and medium business provides the opportunity to develop and implement innovations, as well as helps solving the unemployment issue. Bank loans and financial assistance from the government is the main resource for financing these business entities.

Having carried out a full analysis of the current state of financing of small and medium-sized businesses, it can be said that the main problems of their development are the lack of bank support. All this is explained by the fact that the return of borrowed funds and credit is not guaranteed. To be honest, not everyone can resort to this assistance and enlist the support of the state, for many reasons.


Blockchain technology and The Deal Coin project will help to eliminate the above mentioned issues. The Deal Coin project is a completely new way of looking at sponsoring and supporting small and medium-sized businesses, simply speaking, this is the business platform for beginning business entrepreneurs. The principle of this project and its team is to apply a decentralized platform that gives full value to working with potential investors directly, who are ready to support you and your business idea.

The best specialists in their field will estimate and evaluate the perspective and the effectiveness of business ideas, and on the basis of this will decide the possibility of further cooperation. The Deal Coin provides an opportunity to help raise funds, to those who do not have access to traditional types of financing in the shortest possible time.

You do not need the banking or accounting services, as it takes a lot of time and bears some financial losses for paying commissions and fees. Being a user of The Deal Coin platform, you are good to go with just a smartphone connected to the internet. In an age when the development of technology is growing exponentially, The Deal Coin platform gives an ordinary client an opportunity to swiftly raise his monetary state.

Growth of capitalization in this segment will lead to a direct growth of this crypto currency. Blockchain will give you a guarantee of security, confidentiality and transparency of transactions.

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