"Globatalent" - The Revolutionary Blockchain Sports Platform

Founded in Spain and supported on a global scale by a group of experienced specialists in sports market and blockchain, Globatalent was launched by Sunil Bhardwaj, Jon Fatelevich, and Ferrán Martínez. Having a unique experience in the industry, each founder created a passion for breaking, revolutionizing and improving the transparency of financing in sports.

Following direct evidence of unequal distribution of funds to talented people and clubs, Globolentie's founder fought a hidden central funding structure in sports.

In response to financial difficulties preventing players and clubs from realizing their true potential, the founders at Globatalent developed a decentralized platform built on the Etereum blockchain, giving players and clubs the opportunity to fund themselves by giving a percentage of their future revenue rights to fans and token holders.

Thus, financial control comes from several investment firms that dictate and are given to fans who have invested emotionally in their favorite clubs and players. In addition, fans will not only benefit from being closer to their sports idols and teams, but they will also receive significant awards.

Globalent is a platform that connects you as a fan, enthusiast, or just a regular person, to different sports teams where you can invest in their games. This is a decentralized market developed for investors and enthusiasts to invest in clubs or players, and earn profits by buying and selling future revenue rights throughout player transfers, prizes, salaries, tickets, TV contracts and more.

Globalent developed a decentralized platform with blockchain technology that gives the world-wide community access to different teams or athletes. You benefit from investments in players or teams is in the markets being served.

Profits from the purchase and sale of future revenue rights are guaranteed by the right of withdrawal. No need to spend a lot of money, you can invest with a small amount of money and use it. In addition to investing in players or teams, you are also involved in the development of these sports players.

Globatalent platform allows users to buy and sell their chips in Globatalent's market. Users can buy and sell various "benefits" and even future team players whose value varies according to their abilities. The team or player will receive funding based on the percentage of goods sold.

Due to his extensive knowledge of the financial exclusion in this sport, Sunil Bhardwaj is developing the spirit to solve and revolutionize the fair game of the industry. As a result, the team at Globatalent gives players, fans and clubs the opportunity to decentralize and transform the sports industry in both the financial and the playing field.

Sunil Bhardwaj said: "I am a person who loves to work in teams, especially, within exciting tasks. I have a great potential to work together and organize groups of people for the same purpose Sports is a part of my DNA and my basic needs. I'm always looking forward to improve Globatalent to help athletes reach their life goals in a way that is financially sustainable and gives them the best rewards. In addition, Globatalent will support grassroots sports, which is my other hobby. "

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