Blockchain Islamic Social Media Alternatives for Muslims


In today’s fast growing world, the modern Muslims of the Ummah are always looking for ways to create a ‘halal version’ of almost anything that the West introduces. Although most have vast controversial issues, with many of the extremists objecting to them and trying to stick to the traditional Islamic rulings, it has not stopped the introduction of Halal Music, Halal Entertainment, Halal Fashion and so on.

One of the most highlighted issues that seem to be driving the community astray today is blamed on social media. Social Networking gives people the ease of connecting with anybody around the world in the click (or should I say touch) of a button, and within seconds you could be video-calling a person on the opposite side the world. Sadly, the misuse of this has led to hundreds of unnecessary divorces, suicides, break ups and what not. And so they introduced the ‘Muslim Social Media’ as an Islamic Facebook alternative.

Recently, a revolutionary social media platform planned to break out into the social networking scene with its innovative vision and unique take on online social interaction. VIMee, an open source decentralized social network with the mission of preserving Islamic ethics, freedom of expression and re-privatizing user data, planned to launch on the Q4 of 2019.

Founded by Adi Hermanto, an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in several local and international banks based in Indonesia, the primary initiative of VIMee is to provide a platform for people to erase boundaries and bring together people from all parts of the globe, while providing a safe and comfortable environment to socialize. It harnesses the principles of the casual online socialization and combining it with the fundamental laws of syariah as their basic guideline. This will make VIMee free of pornography and any harmful material, fair and transparent in management and have no hidden agenda's.

VIMee is a blockchain based social platform. Thus, it provide solutions over the disadvantages of a centralized approach to social networking in favor of a decentralized system, thereby bringing about efficiency, privacy, and security gains. VIMee will run on top of Waves blockchain. which has the fastest public blockchain, one of the key elements in developing a decentralized social network along with security.


Powering VIMee blockchain based social platform, is its own internal cryptocurrency, VIMX in addition to a social currency. Users get paid for their contributions, such as uploading content, receiving likes and comments, and also by simply being an active user in form of both FIAT and VIMX tokens.

The VIMX token represents the influence a person has on the VIMee social platform and the more you have, the more your contributions count. Moreover, VIMee also upholds the Islamic laws of fairness by sharing 50% of all profits with its users based on very lucrative algorithms.

The VIMX token total supply will be 2,000,000,000 tokens, with 30% of it will be distributed in token sale phases. The price of the token will be 1 ETH = 10,000 VIMX / 1 WAVES = 167 VIMX. In total, VIMee intend to collect 54,000 ETH / 3,240,000 WAVES of the token sale.


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