Tokoin, Ecosystem for MSMEs

MSME is important in every country, why? Because MSMEs have also become as the monetary main thrust behind developing countries. The growth of MSMEs and innovation drivers for global economic expansion. Not only that their contributions to production, job creation, exports, and the bridging of income gaps.
They are highly flexible and faster to adapt of changing business environment than big corporation.
**But problems facing the growth of MSMEs. Here are:

  1. Inaccessibility of Data
    MSME need complete data to make decision-making, but they have no access to that complete data due to high cost to do that.
    2. High Barriers to Funding

70% of MSMEs still lack access into bank loan. Some reason are lack proper legal documentation, collateral, and/or long-term credit history.

3. Scaling Up in the Emerging Markets

MSMEs, lack financial networks, it make struggle to compete in new markets.
The MSME condition has few workers, basic techniques of customary assembling, manual methods of recording transactions, and typical operations in domestic and retail sectors. MSMEs’ business status is also unseen and unreputable due to the unfulfilled registration requirements.
4. The Absence of Reputation

MSMEs always with high costs, minimal financial support, and extreme challenge. And furthermore a lack of trust. MSMEs must form a notoriety that induces trust and opens up access to a wide assortment of administrations that advance development

With problems above it needed trusted platform that can give opportunities for MSMEs to establish a reputation profile that helps them build trust with banks, suppliers, and financial service providers.


Tokoin platform is a platform that create a trusted and reputable profile for MSMEs by assembling non-financial data from MSMEs, for example the data submitted in the KYC convention to be formed into a Digital Business ID. All the business information from day by day activities which are recently dispersed will likewise be changed into a Digital Ledger to reinforce the computerized profile of every business and award it a strong reputation.

1. Establishment of Business Profiles

With Tokoin platform, MSMEs can establish a reputation profile that build trust from banks, suppliers, and other service providers. Service providers can scan the reputation profiles of of trusted MSMEs at the tap of a button to help them make more timely and informed decisions.

2. Provision of Access to Funding

Fund is most important for MSME to to enable better productivity and business expansion. Need a business profile verification, a standard process which requires MSMEs to comply with the details.

3. Scaling Up through Access to Expansion Opportunities

Tokoin uses information recorded in the blockchain arrange as a substantial measurement for structure a business reputation. The reputation esteemed dependent on a customer's purchasing behavior in trading activities which become significant piece of the of the client’s profile.
Tokoin can change an accurate record of data into a valuable asset that MSMEs can use as a leverage that can satisfy lending requirements, such as validity scoring that needed to achieve business growth.


Tokoin is to facilitate trustworthy data exchanges in a specified platform so that MSMEs will be able to meet their needs for financing and business services, make progressively prosperous MSMEs’ economy will lead to the maintainability of a nation's economy.

Value Proposition Tokoin with three ways:

  1. Building a Digital Identity for MSMEs that Represents a Valid Reputation Business profiles, activities, and buying behaviors are key components for SMEs to create important resources on Tokoin's stage.
  2. Accommodating MSMEs to Utilize Their Data to Create More Funding Opportunities. Tokoin gives an appropriate technology infrastructure that records and manages data of transactions and leverage the data by putting value into them.
  3. Providing Growth Opportunities for MSMEs by Bringing Business Partnerships. Tokoin’s partnerships with various institutions allow users to access the services they need.

Characteristics of Tokoin

1. Digital Identity (Business Profiles)

With a Digital Business ID, MSMEs are able to record and keep track of their business processes in a digital ledger, while simultaneously the credit scoring .

2. Digital ledger (data)

All of the transaction data from business operations by MSMEs as users are going to be kept digitally and simultaneously in a computerized record called a digital ledger. Information, kyc, cash flow, sales and earnings, and routine business purchases, will be recorded as valuable assets.

Cooperation between Tokoin client and accomplices is empowered by the blockchain innovation to guarantee each member with security to each exchange and an increasingly reliable relationship, coming about to significant association between each partaker.
MSME as the data provider, submit their transaction data activity through Tokoin dApp. Tokoin process and and approve the data into valuable asset. can get the data by staking Toko tokens.

TOKO Token

TOKO Token is utilized as an incentive when a participant in the ecosystem system submits exchange information and approves the information, and business bits of knowledge administration given by Tokoin.
TOKO can be used for accessing advertisements and transaction data of MSMEs For service providers.

Tokoin’s Platform

Tokoin is an autonomous system that manages data distribution and provides rewards for data contribution within the Tokoin’s ecosystem. Tokoin is also an incentive tool that determines the value regarding to an activity. Service Providers Providing business facilities for MSMEs, and also place their advertisements and offers on Tokoin’s platform.

TOKO Incentive Pool

The participants who contribute their activities in Tokoin platform will receive TOKO as an incentive. The incentive pool will be gathered from additional token issuance, platform usage fee, and reserve pool.
Only participants who help the growth of the platform will receive the rewards.

Technological Aspects

Tokoin adopts the blockchain, uses DynamoDB, Tendermint, adopt the ABCI interface, BigchainDB, Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) IPFS.

1. Lending Marketplace

Tokoin is medium between MSMEs and Banks

2. Crowdlending (Debt Crowdfunding)

The source of fund will come from various Investors.

3. Cross-merchant Loyalty Program

An MSME company or a merchant can give rewards with TOKO Points. TOKO Points can likewise be utilized to reclaim markdown vouchers.

4. Product Survey/Voting

Brands as Tokoin Partners can conduct product surveys communicating item polls on Tokoin’s ecosystem.

5. Invoice-based Financing

MSMEs can use unpaid invoices as collaterals to get funds. This feature will involve at least three parties: Invoice Issuer (MSMEs that need funds), Invoice Payer (Buyer), and Bank/Creditor.

6. Installment Buying

This solution facilitates MSMEs who need to buy products/services but have limited funds at that time.

7. Group Buying / Collective Buying

This solution offers products and services at significantly reduced prices with mass purchasing.


  1. POS The Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) is where a retail transaction is completed. Through POS, merchants input and clarify the MSMEs’ purchase transactions as the system records it in a Digital Ledger.
    2 dApp
    Every set of data in the dApp is secured, and this is enabled by the blockchain’s characteristics of being secure, trusted, and immutable.






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