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Problems in Crypto

Indeed, the blockchain is a technology that offers adaptability, security and speed for the people. But technology that ease of use, it is necessary also. And the lack of adoption in regular trade has become a setback for the overcrowding of the Blockchain, for this motive has increased the disinterest some people to use it for daily purchase and sale.

But here the solution. In Koitechh Studio, develoing a KOI coin accompanied by business strategies and innovative

projects that allow access for all to a transparent and decentralized economy to be able to interact effectively and quickly with technology. By using of the blockchain within any environment and commercial sectoor.

What is KOItech:sing technology that be able to make an efficient use of the blockchain, opening to different social groups that in their environment and via network by the best way.

  • The Projects of KoiTech Studio were considered with the goal that everybody can gain money from the Blockchain, congruent portfolio that ensures the success of the KOI currency, generating an Independent and Integral Commercial Ecosystem and, above all, Self-Sustaining
  • The currency consists of a token based on the Ethereum network, which is defined as a decentralized platform and on which smart contracts are executed, which which depend on the ERC20 standard that ensures interoperability between tokens.
  • The KOI Currency is intended to be effectively and to work in an integrated way with Dapps
  • KOI will develop Koi currency. The transparency of transactions traced in the blockchain, which is the public ledger of all transactions.
  • KOI can offer an organic growth of projects, with different communities of users. The different projects that would support currency are aimed at interacting with different communities. This make a security required that give value to KOI token.


    The first project that we have financed and worked hard since 2017.

  • KOI Pos is a tool that would work as a web / mobile wallet, additionally permit business exchanges among common and legitimate individuals in a easy, fast and simple way operations between users will be flexible, verifiable and transparent.
    Technology Involved
    Decentralized application (DApp), where can be stored KOI currency created with the ERC20 protocol, and also transactions with multiple usage options, where simplicity and information security.

Advantage of user

  • KOI system allows the payment with only the presentation of an ID a user who wants to purchase for goods or services, but without access at that moment to his cell / web. The trade will look for the user in the database, request the temporary key to the user, and after confirming the payment, the user will be able to obtain the product.
  • For a user who wants to send funds through KOI application, asks the recipient for his email and email and in merely seconds the assets will as of now be accessible in his wallet.
  • Remarkable Advantages for Businesses
  • KOI POS enables the exchange to offer a simple and far reaching installment
  • work on, improving the experience of the two organizations and their
  • clients.

Outstanding Advantages for Businesses

KOI POS enables the exchange to offer a simple and comprehensive payment practice, improving the experience of both companies and their customers.

Advantages of KOI POS

With this platform, Users' confidence to carry out their transactions has expanded.
69% of consumers believe this platforms are protected against fraud.


A. Video Games Based on Blockchain

In this platform, users can enjoy entertainment while generating income. The facilitate KOI give that the interaction of the players and also opportunity to be creators of the available environments. KOI provide JAVA technology and KOI own development to be patented will be used.
Being games created by the owners of KOI Token ERC721, , they will have configurable choices that would allow awarding rewards and charge entry, generating income for all those who participate in KOI community.


After KOI POS launched, a video game platform based on ERC721 will develop. The particular feature of the development of KOI crypto game is that users can appreciate entertainment while generating income.


In answering some problems faced in some countries. There are sports federations that currently can not convey constituent procedures, federative or levy installments, credits, buy, deal and production of games gear, as a result of the troublesome access to remote cash.

D. Educational Academies

Same with Sport, here is the answer for the problems, because of the current lifestyle, where the search for information and computer knowledge is to be obtained rapidly and concisely, the educational community finds it difficult to update and enrich their knowledge.

E. Travel and Tourism

It is evident that there is a selectiveness that begins the social stratum of the traveler or its spending capacity rather than the technology that is used.

F. Manufacturing and Construction

Assembling and Construction
The absence of robotization, bleeding edge innovation, the acknowledgment of crypto monetary standards and the usage of blockchain innovation, cause the segment to stagnate and not develop pair of patterns with which different businesses have developed with fulfillment.

So Here KOI to answer the problems



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