Bizpaye, Retail Marketplace For The Blockchain

Why people should use BIZpaye?

Because BIZpaye solves the problems that faced in crypto world.

The Problems are:

  • Unsold Spare Capacity
  • the inflexibility to enter into a transaction with the option for an applied mix of currency types.
  • No evolution, no Liquidity to Fiat Conversion
  • No Universal Currency
  • No Price Transparency Lack of Trust
  • Costs to Benefit for Transactions Restricts Liquidity And Flow
  • Lack Of Common Measure Of Value Within Transactions
  • Difficulty Between Storage of Value and Liquidity
  • Lack Of A Global Centralized Recording & Facilitation Of Transactions

Why Chose BIZpaye as solutions?

BIZpaye mission is

  • to convey adaptable and more convenient ways to transact across all borders
  • to provide complete transparency and low fees to a global audience

The BIZpaye team aims

  • to offer ways to liquidize idle and save limit with respect for small and medium sized enterprises and help them produce more income
  • to provide a leaner business model.
  • to solve this major Blockchain ecosystem problem by applying the unique systems that BIZpaye has developed through its Franchised Global Office network. For many years now, BIZpaye has refined the process of recruiting local Merchants through a face-to-face presence via its Barter Credit systems.
  • The BIZpaye Barter Trade and BIZpaye Crypto platform facilitating trade between members as seller and buyer.

BIZpaye Company

The BIZpaye CRYPTO Token currency is built by the BIZpaye International Group of Companies that has been experience for 5 years. It has operating in 12 countries including: Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Dubai, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Norway, Philippines, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA.
The BIZpaye Ecosystem will be operated as a subsidiary of APB International Pte. Ltd., a Singapore registered company.

BIZpaye International is an built up multi-value-based B2B & B2C Online and offline retail Marketplace whose dynamic Merchants and clients exchange a huge number of dollars consistently.
The worldwide extension of BIZpaye influences on the intensity of Master Franchising off colossal adaptability potential to enter new markets the world over.

The fast growth because the attractiveness of a Merchant Marketplace such as Barter Trade Credits, Cash, Credit Cards, Reward Points and more, making it a truly flexible approach in terms of B2B and B2C transactions for Merchants.
BIZpaye’s brand has always been about transacting and is about the adoption and ongoing development of a multi-currency system.


Value-based frameworks

BIZpaye has been association with Global Exchange Trading Systems, Bartervana, Runasis for many years. Tailor existing platforms into workable systems that will permit BIZpaye Merchants to execute and exchange to the remarkable manners by which BIZpaye has been plan from the beginning. These transactional systems include Merchant front ends and rear end Customer Relationship Management platforms designed to stimulate and improve potential exchanging and exchanges of Merchants.


Merchant will have experience and transactional systems as being practically interminable, more secure and more transparent as a result of Blockchain technology adaptation.

Franchise systems

Official launch of BIZpaye 5 years ago, it work began on the development of various resources and systems designed to support Franchise Partners grow the BIZpaye network worldwide.


BIZpaye CRYPTO and the BIZpaye “CRYPTO” Token will settled value-based transactional business units of BIZpaye, including BIZpaye Corporate, BIZpaye Trade, BIZpaye Rewards, BIZpaye Licensee, BIZpaye Property and Radio BIZpaye.
BIZpaye’s main Merchant trading ecosystem known as BIZpaye Trade has been operating for a long time, using a Barter Credit system.



• BIZpaye Crypto
• Provision of the a decentralized, transparent and secure
• Provision of smart contracts to facilitate trustless payment in line with the fulfillment procedures
• Development and maintenance of the website, member app, fulfillment app or interface
• Provision of an effective incentive model for members to join and user the BIZpaye

Support Centers :

• Member acquisition campaigns
• KYC processes
• Educational event management
• POS Service

BIZpaye Crypto is engaged and focused on discharging open source cryptographic innovations to empower task of a thorough and comprehensive eco-system equipped of facilitating global trade utilizing mixed fabric transaction units (MFTU) within smart sales (SS) and smart buys (SB).

BIZpaye Platform Elements and procedures / processes Goods and Services

The aim is to make it quick and easy to locate and select appropriate goods and services or to provide smart buy contracts to trigger when a Smart Sale is introduced by a member (as seller)


A member (as seller) or a member (as buyer) can send a proper SS or SB parameterized contract which will then actively effectively search out and draw in with its opposing SB or SS as appropriate. They searching and engagement is automated, straightforward, trustless and transparent.

Feedback Loop

Members will be permitted to give feedback after buying and selling goods or services and share their experience with other users of the platform.

$7 Trillion Market Opportunity

Tokenizing the officially settled Barter/Trade industry in addition to moving in the direction of adapting through the BIZpaye "CRYPTO" Token the "Unsold Capacity Market in business.

The Barter/Trade Industry is is said to be worth around US$23 Billion per year through organized Barter/Trade Industry companies.

The BIZpaye Merchant Rewards Program Work

BIZpaye will set aside 250,000,000 BIZpaye Tokens at the time of launch to be used as the Merchant Rewards Fund.

• Firstly, a Merchant must have a BIZpaye Account use BIZpaye Crypto Tokens
• The Merchant Rewards Program will be Free to Join
• The Merchants must sell their goods and services in the BIZpaye Ecosystem
• BIZpaye will reward active merchants who regularly sell goods and services.

Co Brand and Mergers

BIZpaye had collaboration (Co Brand and Mergers) with several Barter Trade Exchanges into the BIZpaye network in both Germany and North America, Canadian & North American Barter / Trade Businesses, North & South America, Central & Northern Asia & Asean Countries, Europe & The Middle East.


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