Cryptocurrency is increasingly expanded with the support of blockchain technology and its incorporation with other types of technology. This expansion is proof that this digital financial system has occupied a special space in the hearts of the people. By guaranteeing better welfare, cryptocurrency slowly but surely begins to show its position that will replace the role of other financial systems in the world. This system is run through a loyalty program that is useful to further increase the interest of the community to join. The form of the program that is usually carried out is through the provision of incentives in the form of digital tokens or coins and can be in the form of other incentives. Programs like this are considered effective enough to attract attention and eliminate doubts.

The digital financial system is run by using access from technological devices. The technological devices that can usually be used are computers and cellular devices. To access this system through a computer, the user must open a web page for a digital platform and then be able to continue the transaction process. Whereas through cellular, users can access it through applications for certain operating system versions. The use of this technology device which is the main way to be able to carry out transactions digitally. Because of this very important role, the community must be able to empower the digital devices they have. Support for device specifications will also determine whether he is able to be brought into the world of digital transactions. Because for some types of transactions, the process carried out requires adequate power and network availability.

As an effort to support the maximization of the work of every digital device in handling digital transactions, the Wise platform creates their products in the form of chips that have super-sophisticated power. With a size of only 13 nanometers, this chip can support the function of digital devices to be able to process transactions digitally with very large data. What’s more, this chip was developed from its predecessor, an analog microchip-based system that was used for IoT devices. IoT devices referred to in this case are computers and cellular. This chip will be installed in each of these devices so that the reliability of its performance can be witnessed when the transaction is carried out.

Through the creation of this chip, Wise is not just relying on blockchain technology as the main driving force that will continuously run programs in the system, but in this case Wise also introduces new innovations in creating the power of a more powerful chip. Wise presents radio waves as components that make up the power of technology in this chip. This radio wave has the advantage that it will strengthen the signal on IoT devices to support the success of the process. With this radio wave, users can process transactions anywhere and anytime. Availability of signals originating from radio waves can maximize the use of this device in locations with minimal signal.

Wise is supported by a number of reliable features that will make it more optimal in operation. These features will only be obtained through the application of services from this platform. Wise is considered a pioneer who created a high-class nanotechnology system. This is shown by the greatness of this 13 nanometer sized microchip in which there are as many as 500 million transistors that work together. A very small size will make it easier for this chip to be embedded in any IoT device. Platform Wise was created by carrying layers of technology. Components that support process stability consist of Asuz chips as hardware, AI machines or Artificial Intelligence as software and WISE digital currency as utility tokens.

The strength of the network owned by Wise will make its performance possible as much as possible but with low power consumption. This will make it easier for each IoT device to run transaction operations because it has been simplified. The Wise network is able to maintain rotation power for two months using a pair of AAA batteries. As mentioned earlier, this platform is also supported by an AI engine that will make the Wise network system able to control all proposed transactions. With this advantage of low latency, Wise is able to complete up to 5 thousand transactions in one second. A fast-running system is a role form of blockchain technology that makes Wise’s network very interoperable.

The advantages shown by the Wise platform are the main supporters who will raise the position of this platform and can reach a very large number of users from all corners of the world. This platform adheres to the strength of its network systems and this is in line with their main goal of building the Wise platform.

Microchip System on a chip (SoC) technology was first created for blockchain and IoT integration.


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