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Technological advancements and competition in the crypto market have made crypto investors even more eager to trade, but as we can see from 2018 the crypto market has reduced its trading volume because there is a lot of negative information due to the rejection of crypto advertisements on several social media and many fraud which makes the price of crypto coins decrease further in 2018.

But if you see stable coins like Tether (USDT), then you can see the price can't go down even though there is negative information such as hacking and other things, then the price of this token will not go down and always follow the movement of the dollar.

On this article, I will discuss new stable coins and be supported by platinum engineering so let's see what the advantages of this token are:

What is USDQ?

This is a token that has never dropped in price and has always been a stable coin that is decentralized by standardizing the ERC 20 tokens. This allows the holders not to worry because of the price decrease from BTC or other altcoins such as Ethereum.

How does the system work?

As coins are stable in general, you don't need to worry about the crypto price decline that is happening in the crypto market, because USDQ is a stable coin and all you need to know is that this coin can make money for you.

Maybe you still think stable coins cannot provide benefits, but USDQ gives you convenience and benefits as I will show below:

  • Trade on the exchange: Trading USDQ on the secondary market is like any other stable coin.
  • Looking for a loan: Guarantee your crypto and get USDQ stable coins easily.
  • After the trade is complete, return the USDQ with the crypto prize of your choice.
  • Discover Q BOX: Mine Q DAO tokens, raise your own AI-based robot, which will help you make predictions.

USDQ has members of the community Q DAO who can choose whatever you want with democracy and full control because, as you can see, this is a decentralized token in which all decisions are in the hands of community members.

All of them and all of them are fully decided by the community for autonomous decentralization decision making.

Almost everyone is not worried about a stable coin price because this coin really does not affect the decline in prices on the market, but can this stable coin make money by mining?

Of course and let's do what you can to make money with stable coins.

  • Mine Q DAO tokens: Using Box Q, you can easily mine Q DAO tokens
  • Your own predictor: Based on AI, Q Box we analyze parameter tones, news, and other factors to predict cryptocurrency levels.
  • Community governance: Help the system become stronger and safer. By using the Q DAO token, you can participate in system control.

With transparency, everyone will feel comfortable and safe when they want to make a transaction and below is information from USDQ tokens:

Name: USDQ
Standard tokens: ERC-20 Ethereum
Total supply: 5,531,632.504218


Based on the data and facts seen, QDAO is very good for review and investment. This is based on reality for now, many projects are not good, and makes everyone who invests a lot of questions about their certainty and truth, so if you want to invest in this project, you should read all about the article I made, so you can know more about this project from them.

To get more relevant details from the QDAO project or join social media and sales crowds, please follow some sources for the following references:


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