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The most valuable resource in the world is no longer oil, but data! Our community is changing, attracting and popularizing cryptocurrencies in the world, because this area is based on the blockchain technology, where everything is transparent, honest and safe. Cryptocurrencies are quickly gaining the position of the world community - quotes are steadily growing, which causes a growing interest of users. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the creation and management of which is based on cryptographic methods of processing information. Cryptocurrency is an alternative to Fiat money. Everything is transparent here, as far as possible, projects are based on blockchain technology - a distributed database that performs instant transfers, you do not need to wait for confirmation of transactions, as in the case of banking operations, there are no unnecessary costs. and this technology protects against fraud. The decentralized region has great potential for development in almost all sectors of the economy. Decentralization is a key feature of the blockchain application. Storichainhttps: also monitors blockchain technology. Storichain seeks to embed the blockchain into history, to create a world in which all participants can feel satisfaction, taking on some of the responsibility.

We live in the world with dozens of stories a day, web cartoons, web novels, plays, movies, musicals, etc. We share stories, cry, laugh. The authors gain the power of their sympathy, express their gratitude and even take into account advice. Communication between writers and readers has become a necessary basis for creativity in the online era. Storichain is trying to make this communication between writers and readers a fairer, more reliable contract to create the value of assets. Storichain is a DApp and storytellers protocol that creates stories, distributes and manages IP stories. It is also a protocol that provides a contract for history contracts. Users can change their position in the chain of ecosystems as writers, producers and readers, as well as participate in the creation of stories, before they are published as separate media such as films, dramas, cartoons and games. In addition, if you can receive a reward for the user's weekly contribution before selling the copyright, and if the story in which you participated is sold for a second production, such as publication, video, DApp) and Ethereum, as the main network.

Key features of Storichain

Optimized - optimized for authors - this is collaboration / joint recording / contract between authors, weekly rewards and APIs for third-party content providers.

Ease of use - anytime, anywhere you want to tell a story. Simple and fast writing platform.

Relevant Partner - Writer Matching / Cooperation Agreements / Job Statistics / Update Notifications / Create Detailed Comment

Participation - in a platform for readers to participate in the work, to become a writer himself, to create stories and participate in them

Transparent - a platform that encourages participants to honestly and transparently based on their input.

Global Platform - A platform that can be translated, sold or even copyrighted for global expansion.

Project Development Schedule

TORI Token Distribution (Storichain Platform Billing Unit)

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