To be creative and also to serve people while doing what one loves is actually the dream of everyone in the world. Be it at spare time/part-time or regularly, for monthly/annual income or just for fun. Restaurant is an eating establishment in which diners are served food at their tables. All restaurant owners have one basic reason why such ideas sprouted up in their head in the first place. One of such is to help bring food which seems to be scarce or not actually available in a particular defined geographical area to people who really loves and crave for it. Another reason is to help people, or workers in general to secure a food when they are unable to prepare something at home or when they can’t prepare it due to little knowledge on how it’s actually been prepared. Or to those who can, but wants to take themselves out for a treat. Whatever reason, their actions are been justified. In building up or opening up a restaurants there are factors which one has to consider and plan before implementing such decisions. But still, in a whole, each restaurant you see out there has their flaws and challenges.

One of such challenges is the low turn of consumers to their shop. It’s so tiring. Most especially after preparing a dish with the hope of making sales that day, but only ends up been disappointed which affects revenue and often times leads to wastage of food because such food can’t be left and preserved till the next day due to its durability. Also, another challenge is the challenge is the inability to do online services. Take for example, if Mr. A had knows the importance of online presence and how one can literally take order and deliver online; will there be any food wastage? Of course not. Because the internet is powerful. Such food can be delivered to customers online at discounted price or can be sold at the end of the day with promotions. You are not only helping yourself, but also helping your customers which will variably bring more customers to you when your service is been acknowledged. Also, not to forget to mention the fact that not everyone knows of your restaurant. The geographical location may be a factor, but then don’t forget we are in the internet age where everything is done in the internet. People travel and migrate from place to place for vacation, visit for pleasure or for business and may want a treat, how can they get one when they are not aware of your service. Those are the problems often faced by restaurant owners.

Customers also have their own challenges and problems which also they normally face. One of such is not having knowledge (awareness) about a restaurant location in a particular place which makes them spends more time in locating one, energy and money. Another problem is not knowing when a restaurant is open and when it’s closed. When they will be available and when they are not. Consumers often have little knowledge about their routine. Not all restaurants open daily and not all restaurants stays till noon. This is a fundamental problem been faced by consumers. The problem of fake reviews has actually made people spent funds they were not supposed to spend or would have properly been spent for something else or tried out in another restaurant. I’m a victim of this. I travelled to a place for business and I needed to spoil myself, at least try something out before leaving the place. I went online and saw a restaurant not too far from me, with so many good reviews and comments about the restaurants so I decided to try it out. With the joy in my heart, I ordered and it was delivered. The food was something else. Even my grandmamma can do better. I was so pissed for haven spent my money, my time and energy. I went back online and commented how horrible it was. I wouldn’t want even my dog to taste such. That is an experience I’ll never forget and the name of the restaurant will forever be in my heart. Fake reviews where no one can verify or validate leads to misleading information creating unfair advantages for bad actor restaurants. Also, another problem is the inability to place orders in certain restaurants due to its delivery area. Geographical location can be a form of barrier to means of delivery. These and many other challenges not mentioned exist in the food and social sector. And that is why the team of Allsesame decides to create a platform where such problems can be solved so as to give everyone the best experience.


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Allsesame is a decentralized Blockchain technological system which is been created to redefine the social food network ecosystem, by bringing them not only to web but also to cryptocurrency. It’s a system that has helped eliminate third party providers which often makes food supply chain and delivery unnecessarily long in the conventional way of offering on-demand food services. Sesame token is the first platform created to help solve the problems aforementioned. It is a platform with a difference. It is dedicated to sharpen restaurants. I call it the new era of social food. Sesame has no limitations as it’s been created to help simplify the living standards of man thereby making life and things easy. It is beneficial to consumers as well as to restaurants. Its benefits are numerous. To restaurants, it provides and gives sales, thereby making their services and foods available to the public. It provides restaurants a trusted, reliable and transparent platform where they can easily showcase their service. Also, it rewards the best selling restaurants for their hard work and perseverance. It eliminates fake restaurants whose reviews are based on fake reviews. With such platform, food wastage is eliminated as all food will be delivered to their respective destination in no time, without any delay. For the users, one can easily see how awesome it is. With just a click away from one’s phone, one can easily order for spontaneous food for consumption. All kinds of food are available, with fast delivery and with the choice of choosing from their desired restaurants. It. The service delivery of sesame is effective with a unique dispatch mechanism which gives users the ability to receive their favorite food from their favorite restaurants without any geographical barrier which saves them time and energy. With the Sesame tokens, it will allow millions of people have the best experience with the development and creation of its application powered by Blockchain, it is very easy to operate as it has user friendly interface. ![sesame food delivery.jpg]

) With the smart contracts, there are no grounds for fake reviews as rights are only given to people who have tasted the deliveries of a restaurants who has had a wonderful experience with their hospitality and services which makes restaurants charges up so as to be the best among the rest so as to be receiving caliber of personnel’s as their clients/consumer. The purpose of this is to be able to create a transparent and a very honest system. another benefit of using Sesame app is that it enables a push notifications for last minute and end of the day deals to customers phones for both food ordering and dinning in which promotes discounts or offers to loyal followers. Also with the app, one can easily reserve a table for themselves later during the day so as to keep that special plan for the day in tact without being disappointed. Its token has simplified transactions which enable easy transactions for the payment of services and deliveries which commissions are given to users for consistency. All these are solutions which Sesame renders. A diagram is shown below on how Sesame works![sesame how it works.PNG](


The transactions and payments of purchase will be done with the use of Sesame token from their app wallet
Token name: Sesame token
Token symbol: SST
Token standard: ERC20
Token supply: 10,000,000,000
Soft cap on pre-sale: $800,000 USD
Hard cap on pre-sale: $1,200,000

Business & software development: 40%
Marketing & Global expansion: 30%
Insurance development: 20%
Legal & miscellaneous expenses: 10%

Team & advisor: 8%
Marketing & bounties: 12%
Reserve funds: 20%
For sale: 60%

Concept development
Market research and competitive analysis
Team and advisory board setup
Development of business model
Implementation of smart contracts with solidity
Marketing strategy planning
Fundraising campaign
Whitepaper first draft public announcement
MVP release – Desktop application2019
Whitepaper, Pitch-deck and one-page release
Pre-sale and Pre-ICO
Customer segmentation and relationship
Web platform development, Alpha release for feedback
Social network integration
Beta IOS and Android apps
Partnerships and restaurants and cafes
ICO sale
Beta version release of web platform
Launch of Sesame token advertising platform for third-parties
AI and ML integration
Launch of Allsesame platform globally
Vertically and horizontal scaling
Sesame token listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges

Doston Jalolov: Founder and CEO
Izzat Shermukhamedov: COO
Shukurjon Burhonov: CFO
Anvar Madirimov: CTO
Victoriya Tursunova: CBDO
Mofassair Hossain: CMO
JAMSHID Agzamkhadjayev: Legal counsel
Jakhongir Madaminov: Android developer
Jonibek Negmatov: Andriod developer
Jasur Karimov: Marketing
Sherzod Nurjonov: Software developer
Abdulaziz Bekturdiev: UX/UI designer
Smit Nirmal: Blockchain developer
Akmal Melibaev: Blockchain developer
Daler Kamolov: Data scientist
Sanjar Sobirjonov: Web developer
Javokhir Shodiev: Inves,emt/trading
Foyiq Abdulvahhab: Financial analyst
Otabek Nizomov: HR manager
Madina Jalolova: Restaurant manager
Rustam Sharipov: Restaurant team member
Shakhida Ibragimova: Project manager
Yorkin Akhmedov: Partner relationship manager

Sesame is an awesome project and would implore everyone to take active participation. Go on and make your order, spread the good news and keep on referring to get affiliate commission. Make your restaurant and your service well known to the world. We will stand by you in every step of the way. As already mentioned its benefits are numerous so don’t hesitate to download the app, register, order, review and refer to many people today. For more information’s, you can kindly visit any of the links below. See you at the other side.


Username : erwin_ibrahim
Bitcointalk profile link :;u=1061924
Ethereum : 0x347A7A7dB223A23774375EFfB6b6e96c5Ac64C1c
Telegram : @erwinibrahim

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