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Humans have lived more than millions of years on earth and continue to grow. This development has brought many changes to the world, such as developments in technology, infrastructure and so on. But from this development, there are many negative impacts that threaten the world, for example, such as global warming and reduced world limited resources, including petroleum, gas, etc.

When talking about limited resources, oil and gas are the most widely used resources for humans to meet their needs, such as vehicle fuel or global electricity. But these resources are limited and can be exhausted, this cannot be left further, and renewable energy is the solution to this problem.


Serenity is a platform that aims to create an ecosystem, where every household is fitted with a renewable energy production and storage capabilities, a small-scale energy generator is connected to the distributed grid, and is part of a shared economy monetizing their planet caring through incentives and rewards.

Serenity is built using blockchain technology, where this technology will help Serenity to manage a more transparent and safe platform for users globally. The following are the main features of Serenity platform;

  • Any Platform
  • Decentralized
  • Real-time tracking
  • Strong encryption
  • Security
  • Automated demand-response
  • Provenance
  • Monetize green activities
  • Smart Energy Retailer
  • Gateway to wholesale electricity Market
  • Decentralized micro-grids
  • Net-zero houses


This is a question that is often asked by people, why is Serenity? the reason is that Serenity aims to redefine how to use energy properly. Serenity really removes the image of traditional energy distribution that is inefficient and not transparent. Serenity wants to present a service where energy sales transactions, energy trading, etc., are carried out through blockchain technology. And more importantly and what makes Serenity different is that Serenity has tokens that are backed up by real assets, which makes it stable and reliable.


Serenity looks forward, imagining a world where every home is fitted with renewable energy and connected with blockchain technology. It is true that there are many challenges and obstacles that will be faced because as is well known that this industry has been dominated by 'big' players who are centralized and not transparent, but Serenity believes that this problem can be solved.


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