P2P Solutions Foundation And Token ICO

P2PS — worlds first decentralized, secure, interference-free, pure peer-to-peer communications system with no comparable substitutes, alternatives or parallels.

Digital communication is a way to communicate. This happens when information is digitally encoded as discrete signals, and then information is transmitted electronically to recipients. It allows modern people to communicate with each other more easily than ever before. Digital data is a way of presenting information so that machines can understand it. Some examples of digital data are personal data , medical records and bank data . Digital communication platforms are used to store and share your digital data. In our increasingly interconnected world, digital communication platforms face challenges such as:

  • Lack of security / privacy of digital data
  • Third Party Intervention
  • Centralized communication platforms
  • This is where the P2PS digital communications platform comes into play . It is a blockchain-based digital communication platform that allows users to safely store and share digital data. One of the unique features of this platform is that it is not limited to a single country, it has access to the global communications industry . Another unique feature of the platform is that it has a decentralized control system operating on the blockchain. No company , central authority or third parties use this decentralized communication platform because it uses blockchain technology. Thus, this platform does not contain customer information. Decentralization adds the following functions to the platform.
  • Control: controlled by user
  • User identity: anonymous
  • Security: less likelihood of malicious attacks and very low risk of server downtime
  • Data privacy: very high
  • Intervention: very low since third parties do not participate

    • “ Data Security and Privacy ” is one of the biggest challenges in digital communication. The P2PS team is trying to solve this problem using blockchain technology.
    Properties and uses of the P2PS token
    The P2PS team has developed a service token known as P2PSToken . This is an ETH-based token conforming to the ERC-20 standard . The P2PS marker can be used for operations on the P2PS Digital CommunicationsPlatform . It has the following features.

    • Token Name: P2PS Token
    • Total supply: 100,000,000
    • Token Type: ERC-20 Compatible Service Token
    • Contract address: 0x24c45187bf3c5338ab4c92858f7390800099d605

    The token has the following uses.

    • The token is used by members of the P2PS platform.
    • The token helps decentralize transactions on the platform.
    • P2PS tokens will replace traditional licenses on other systems.

    There are new projects and tokens. Most of them fail because they don’t have a real blockchain-based application. P2PS tokens are widely used on the P2PS digital communications platform. Therefore, its value will increase with increasing demand and use of the platform.

    The distribution of tokens P2PS
    As you can see in the pie chart, most tokens (50% of the total number of tokens) are distributed in the ICO, providing the most powerful value for the token.

    About the team and organization

    The P2PS team consists of highly specialized specialists. These specialists have in-depth knowledge and experience in blockchain technologies , digital communication , web design and development , business management , finance , marketing and software development . The development of the P2PS digital communication platform was the end result of this experience and knowledge of these professionals.

    Final conclusion
    I think this is an excellent project, because the team is trying to solve real problems in the field of cryptocurrency and digital communications (lack of security / confidentiality of digital data, intervention by third parties, centralized communication platforms). The marker has real use cases on the P2PS digital communications platform . “ Data Security and Privacy ” is one of the biggest challenges in digital communication. The P2PS team is trying to solve this problem using blockchain technology . Data security and privacy are extremely important in the financial sector , the medical sector. and public sector. , Thus, this project is very important for these sectors. Thus, there is a high probability of project success. It seems that the team members are making every effort to achieve their goal. Let’s focus on this exciting project.

    Find out more about P2PS and its current sale of tokens.

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