Mozart Finance - the Defi project runs on the Binance Smart platform


What is Mozart Finance?

Mozart Finance is a fork from Goose Finance & astonishing DeFi project running on Binance Smart Chain with lots of other features that let you earn and win tokens.

‌What we are trying to do is to create a splendid perpetual deflation token that performs like a symphony. Our native token PIANO will provide a stable price pump with a sufficient burn mechanism. We are not trying to replace the swap & exchange but rather to add value into our system and create a sustainable environment for people to yield farm with high APR and later even more than that.

‌Our glorious mission is not to scam people but to WIN. Every day we can see a bunch of different farming tokens that last for only a few days and then they are gone... We think we will create a token that is a sustainable long term defi project. That's definitely much harder to do. We hope that we will not disappoint our growing amazing community and that we will achieve our goals together.

About ImmuneBytes
ImmuneBytes is a security start-up to provide professional services in the blockchain space. Their team has hands-on experience in conducting smart contract audits, penetration testing and security consulting. They have worked on various top crypto projects and have a great understanding of DeFi projects such as Aave, Compound, Swissborg, Ox protocol, Uniswap, dydx.

The team has been able to secure 15+blockchain projects by providing security servies on different frameworks. ImmuneBytes team helps start-up with a detailed analysiss of the system ensuring security and managing the overall project.

Audit Process & Methology.
ImmuneBytes team has performed thorough testing of the project starting with analyzing the code design patterns in which they reviewed smart contract infrastructure to ensure it is structured and safe use of third-party smart contracts and libraries.

Our team then performed a formal line-by-line inspection the smart contract in order to find any potential issues like signature Replay Attacks,Unchecked External Calls. External contract Referencing, Variable Shodowing, Race conditions,Transaction-ordering dependence, timestamp dependence, DoS attacts, and others.

In the Unit testing phase, we run unit tests written by the developer in order to verify the functions workas intended. In Automated Testing, we tested the smart contract with our in-house developed tools to identify vulnerabilities and security flaws.

The code was audited by a team of independent auditors which includes:
1. Testing the functionality of the smart contract to determine proper logic has been followed throughout.

2. Analyzing the complexity of the code by through, manual review of the code line-by line.

3. Deploying the code on testnet using multiple clients to run live tests.

4. Analizing failure preparations to check how the smart contract performs in case of bugs and vulnerabilities.

5. Checking whether all the libraries used in the code are on the latest version.

6. Analizing the security of the on-chain data.

Audit Details

  • Project name: Mozart Finance
  • Languages: Solidity ( smart contract), Javascript( Unit Testing)
  • Platforms and tools: Remix IDE, Truffle, Truffle team, Ganache, Solhint, VScode, Contract Library,Slither, SmartCheck.
  • github commits hash/smart contract Address for audit:

Audit Goals
The focus of the audit was to verify that the smart contract system is secure, resilient, and working according to its specifications. The audit activities can be grouped into the following three categories:

1. Security

Identifying security-related issues within each contract and within the system of contracts.

2. Sound Architecture

Evaluation of the Architecture of this system through the lens of established smart contract best practices and general software best practices.

3. Code Architecture and Quality

A full review of the contract source code. The primary areas of focus include:

a. Architecture

b. Readability

c. Sections of code with high complexity.

d. Quantity and quality of test coverage.

Security Level References
Every issue in this report was asigned a severity level from the following:

High severity issues

will bring problems and sould be fixed.

Medium severity issues

could potentially bring problems and sould eventually be fixed.

Low severity issues

are minor details and warnings that can remain unfixed but would be better fixed at some point in the feature.

Piano Tokens
PIANO is the original DeFi and utility token for Mozart Finance. These tokens are designed to serve multiple purposes within the system. You can farm, play games, participate in IFO and a number of other cool profit generating functions using this token. You also receive a reward in this token. In addition, you get voting rights when you hold the PIANO.

And below is a table of PIANO tokens that have been designed by a Reliable Team and there is no doubt that this company team already has experience in the management of this company.



Urgent priority

  • Deployment of smart contracts
  • Unique burn mechanism
  • AUDIT before launch (Immunebytes)
  • Liquidity lock
  • High APR% gains

High priority

  • Second audit after the launch (in first 2-3 weeks)
  • Lottery as never seen before
  • Mozart NFT's

Medium priority

  • Decentralized betting
  • IFO (in partnership with other projects)
  • Fully operational exchange
  • Lending
  • Community ideas

Mozart Finance encapsulates the current drive to find Ethereum alternatives in the DeFi space. The platform intends to offer a complete ecosystem that is deflationary and inclusive in nature. Because Ethereum is at all-time highs in gas fees, Mozart Finance could prove a valuable asset moving forward.


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