Lotteries are certainly very popular, some of them allow participants to win hundreds of millions of dollars. One of these lotteries is Powerball, the prize fund of such a lottery is amazing, in 2013 the win was $ 590 million, and in 2016 the jackpot was $ 1.5 billion, it was divided among three winners. It is clear that such a lottery is simply a huge success and popularity, but what if you make such a global lottery and give everyone the opportunity to play? What if everyone can get a huge win? Sounds like a miracle? But it is a reality! MatchBillion provided this opportunity to everyone.

Billion Match. Powerball in a New Way
The Match Billion Game is a well-known Powerball game, but using blockchain and cryptocurrency. At the same time, Match Billion gains double advantages, retaining the original and well-known game conditions and, secondly, making the game accessible to everyone through the website The same technology blockchain makes the process as transparent as possible and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized influence on the results of the game.

Thus, the already popular lottery can significantly expand the circle of its participants.

Powerball - USD, Match Billion - MBL
To participate in the Powerball lottery, a participant must buy a ticket for a few dollars, but in the case of Match Billion, the user needs an MBL platform token to participate in the game, at least 2 MBL tokens are required to participate in the game.

At the moment, there are two ways to get a token:
Buy online
Get with airdrop

To get coins with airdrop you need:
Go through a very fast registration on the website
Confirm your mail
Also for a subscription to the telegram and twitter user to receive 10 MBL tokens for each subscription.
Thus, you will receive the necessary tokens to participate in the lottery.

Currently, the cost of 1 MBL token is $ 0.01

Match Billion Jackpot offers its participants simply colossal prizes, at the moment the lucky winner can hit the jackpot in the amount of 625 million MBL + 2 BTC tokens.

625,000,000 MBL ≈ 1,488 BTC ≈ 43,749 ETH
How can you hit such a jackpot? After all, everyone has it thanks to Match Billion, but according to the rules, if the jackpot was not drawn, then its amount grows until it finds its owner.

How to play ?

  1. It is necessary to have 2 MBL tokens to start.
  2. Choose 5 numbers from 1 to 69 for white balls

  1. Choose one number from 1 to 26 for the red ball

  1. **We get the blockchain confirmation of our ticket
  2. We get the opportunity to break the main prize

According to the plans of the project, he does not plan to stop on one type of lottery and in the near future we will see Match Mega Millions and Match EuroMillions.

Looking at the great success of these lotteries, one can only guess what popularity they will get with the help of Match Billion

Invite a friend - get tokens
Since you need to get a quick registration on the site for free receiving coins, you can already take the opportunity to invite your friend to participate in the lottery and get 20 MBL tokens for each new participant you invite.

Conclusions offers users well-known lotteries, but with even greater transparency and confidence. Any user, regardless of where they live, for just 2 MBL tokens can get an amazing opportunity to win a breathtaking jackpot. Thus, is globally transforming the online lottery industry.

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