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KOI is one of the best investments in cryptoactives today, both for projects that have been contemplated, and for obtaining benefits for investors. KOI encourages integration with the commercial sector, giving prizes for the use of our platform.
In connection with all my friends, I would like to share some information about Fintech, which is responsible for analyzing current market weaknesses and creating special tools that meet the needs and ensure the growth of partner investment.

This project aims to build a complete ecosystem to convert KOI currencies with the participation of various economic and social sectors, develop tools and easy-to-use access that allows users without knowledge to take advantage of potential blockchain. Our technology can be used for P2P, P2C, C2C transactions, for fast / transparent money transfers, for voting, federation rates and sports payments and many other applications.

KOI’s mission is to promote the use of blockchain in any environment and the commercial sector, to develop innovative ideas and projects that give everyone access to a transparent and decentralized economy.

The KoiTech Studio projects are structured in such a way that everyone can get money from the Blockchain, because our research and development team in the field of IT and technology is tasked with evaluating current market offerings and their weaknesses, and thus developing an appropriate portfolio that provides eye success . KOI’s money produces an Independent and Integrated Commercial Ecosystem, and most importantly, self-sufficiency

Why invest in KOI?
KOI is one of the best investments in cryptoactives today, both for projects that have been contemplated, and for profits for investors. We encourage integration with the commercial sector, giving awards for the use of our platform.
In addition to providing some revenue options to our token holders, we provide solutions for business needs that require the transparency, speed and ease of use that we can only offer.
Our investors will have the opportunity to market our tokens for other cryptoactives on several important exchanges, we also offer discounts of up to 20% and discount prices depending on the amount you want to invest.

How does Koios speed up AI?
Develop: Provides a sophisticated and managed development platform for AI developers worldwide.
Empower: Allows each user to take part in developing AI every day.
Acceleration: Develop great momentum with a global network of artificial intelligence to connect all developers on a single platform.
Commoditize: Eliminates the challenges that come when adopting AI and puts it into the hands of everyday consumers.

Why was Koios built?
Before understanding the development of the Koios AI ecosystem on blockchain technology, you need to know the nature of the AI development industry on the market today.

  1. The need for AI talent is increasing exponentially on the market, but there are still very small groups of developers, mathematicians, and scientists available on the market.
  2. These experts are highly sought after in the AI technology industry, but because of the inefficiency of mainstream adoption and distribution channels, they are mainly monopolized by large companies.
  3. The company wants to provide new media where AI developers can learn, validate, create, distribute and monetize their creations to a wider audience throughout the world without the help of intermediaries.
  4. The process of developing AI technology requires a special set of tools, large data sets, and a certain amount of computing power, the most difficult for developers to access outside the boundaries of large organizations, technology companies, and research bodies.

KOI’s founders spoke with various AI developers to understand the challenges faced when creating their own content.
The main problems include:

  1. The development cycle is too expensive. Therefore it is not possible for someone to bear the costs of developing appropriate AI models and construction.
  2. Difficulties in monetizing AI content to a global audience.
  3. The data set needed for the development of a decent model is expensive and hard to find.
  4. Various types of systems are needed for AI, which are mainly found in research environments and leading technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.
    All of these major problems gave birth to the Koios concept that helped Al developers by providing a globally accessible development environment. This will enable them to explore and generate their skill money while eliminating the common challenges they face. The company has chosen blockchain technology for further development of the Koios platform because of its advanced features and high technology.
    At present, most companies such as Bunnytoken , Seal , Streamity , XYO , Upline , Dencity , BitRewards , COTI , etc. use blockchain technology to improve and develop their projects.

Platform accessibility

  • Desktop: Koios can be accessed via desktop and is available for Windows and OS.
  • Cellular: This will be launched for Android and iOS versions.
  • Browser: Users will need a good depth of experience when accessing Koios.
  • Bot: Content developed on the platform will be provided on bots via the API.

Platform security
The KOI platform offers you complete security and anonymity with these features:

  • Content upload: They don’t take your PII details to upload content
  • Chunk: The platform has chunked data and each chunk is encrypted with its own data encryption key.
  • Wrap: The data encryption key is grabbed using the key encryption key (KEK).
  • Distributing: Encryption keys that are wrapped and encrypted pieces are two elements that are distributed in the blockchain infrastructure.

Why do businesses adopt AI?
Companies adopt AI because of various benefits such as:

  • Helps increase profitability with automation.
  • Achieve insights that can be followed up from data.
  • Allow access to new experiences and applications.
  • Facilitating connections between people and systems.
  • Eliminate the possibility of human error and improve compliance.

The benefits above clearly show the importance of AI technology and provide good investment opportunities. This is the reason why Koios wants to design a product ecosystem that helps connect all AI developers on one roof so that they are accessible to a global audience.

Virtual POS / Wallet
One of the most difficult areas found by new blockchain users is the lack of choice and simplicity when making transactions, however, at KoiTech Studio we find solutions to those difficulties, and even more, we provide access to people with little knowledge and without technological devices in hand.

We simplify commercial value exchanges, eliminate banking and connection fees, enable fast and secure transactions, use technology tools such as your cellphone, through a web platform or only use your ID.

Legendary Culture
We are developing a video game platform based on the ERC-721 collectible token, which must be purchased with our KOI currency. We want users to enjoy entertainment and at the same time they can generate revenue, without needing to know about programming, or have information about blockchain.

In Legendary Cultures, all elements will be limited, giving them the value of collection and real money. Every object obtained can be exchanged on different internal and external markets.

We want to integrate our technology into the open FIAT currency market, the transaction is simple. From point-of-charge systems to buying and selling transactions to our currencies, all in the simplest way that allows the growth of our community.

Ease of use is a fundamental requirement in every development. Making simple guidelines so that people can exchange their tokens is our priority.

Transactions without coverage
In emergency situations, telecommunications generally fails, preventing quick and effective access to products and services. We have developed a credit system that will work for those who have our tokens in their wallets, calculated on a monthly average and with lower interest rates than bank interest rates. This will allow the store to continue their commercial activities, and users of tools to help solve problems that may arise.

We invite you to participate in actual blockchain mass use, and you will get a high return on your investment. We have carefully planned our pricing and bond strategies to increase the profits of our investors.

Token information

  • Name: KOI
  • Simbol: KOI
  • Type: ERC20
  • Maximum number of units: 5 000 000 000
  • Division before ICO: 10 000 000
  • Value before ICO: 1 ETH = 952 KOI
  • Start Pre-ICO: 01/02/2019
  • Before ICO Ended: 28/02/2019
  • Unit ICO: 200 000 000
  • ICO value: 1 ETH = 476 KOI
  • Start ICO: 01/03/2019
  • ICO End: 30/04/2019
  • Public selling prices: 1 ETH = 280 KOI

Investment plan
10% bonus in KOI
Price: us $ 0.72 per koi
The intended purpose
Minimum investment: $ 10

15% Bonus in KOI
Price: us $ 0.40 per koi
The intended purpose
Minimum investment: as $ 5,000

20% Bonus in KOI
Price: us $ 0.20 per koi
The intended purpose
Minimum investment: as $ 500,000

Token distribution

KOI consists of tokens that are based on the Ethereum network, which is defined as a decentralized platform and where smart contracts based on the ERC20 standard are run, which ensures interaction between tokens. Our KOI currency is designed to facilitate sharing and work integrated with Dapps that use standard ERC20.

In addition, KOI will develop a complete ecosystem where we will use our currency. Transaction transparency is guaranteed, because it can be tracked on the blockchain, which is a public list of all ongoing transactions.

Route Map
The following is a summary of the activities that have been carried out, and what will be done. If you want to be informed about the progress of our project, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us through our social network.

June 2017
Birth of Ideas

July 2017
Work Team Training

August 2017
POS Market Study

October 2017
Starting from POS development

April 2018
Creation of Corporate Identity

July 2018
End POS development

August 2018
Beta Beta Testing

September 2018
Market analysis and study for POS

November 2018
Making Whitepapers & Marketing Plans

December 2018
Web Development

January 2019
Development of the Crypto Game

February 2019
Coding of Koi Currency, Website Launch, Private Sales Start

March 2019
End Private Sales, ICO Homes

April 2019
POS integration with Blockchain

May 2019
Starting from KOI public sales

June 2019
KOI Registration at the Exchange

July 2019
Launch of Token Cryptogram ERC721

August 2019
Development of Community Sports Project Homes

October 2019
Marketing community marketing analysis

December 2019
Publication of the Annual Report

January 2020
POS Project Audit and Restructuring

February 2020
Launch Crypto Game

KOI Team

More info:
Website: https://www.koitechstudios.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.koitechstudios.com/assets/whitepaper/AF-Koitech-Whitepaper-en.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koitechstudios /
Twitter: https://twitter.com/koitechstudios
Telegramm: https://t.me/koitoken

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