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As you can remember, the rise of blockchain technology was caused by a very unstable situation in the world market economy, which in turn brought humanity to a global crisis. Blockchain has become a centralized payment alternative, with increased speed and maximum privacy and security. However, over time, with the development and popularization of the technology itself, many technical indicators have changed. Most transactions are public and everyone can see certain transfers from each member of the blockchain network. It naturally violates several principles of freedom and confidentiality of participant rights. To overcome this problem offers a group of specialists,

About the project

The project that will be discussed today is called ixinium. This project intends to use all the user experience that has accumulated in the blockchain industry and use it as a basis for creating the most sophisticated anonymous platform in the entire blockchain space.

Ixinium presents the coming of the creation of XXA by "printing" and supporting coins made of precious metals. Ixinium uses the IXAT asset feeder token, to transfer physical precious metal values ​​to XXA digital coins. IXAT values ​​are 1: 1 to $ 1.00.

When Ixinium buys precious metal, the same IXAT token will be created and transferred based on XXA ownership of the value of precious metal that was just purchased in USD. In the IXAT production code, IXAT only has one address where it can be transferred, XXA address. After an IXAT transaction, IXAT is automatically locked under XXA ownership.

The Fiat currency, represents the medium of exchange and depends on subjective, unstable mental conditions such as trust and trust to determine its value. The Fiat currency is controlled by the decisions of several central planners and is regularly demeaned by their choices. This decrease in value causes price volatility and increases economic volatility.

Advantages of Ixinium

Acceptable Around the World Decentralized currency Safe and comfortable Risk of very low inflation Very easy payments Ixinium has been supported by precious metals, chain transparency, and audited transactions. Auditing fully transparent physical metals to prove to everyone, Ixinium's asset structure and 24/7 market value, Ixinium insured by Lloyd's of London makes Ixinium safer than any other bank in the world, we can say that Ixinium is the solution.

IXAT functions like an asset-based investment portfolio. Ixinium uses the Stellchain blockchain. Stellar is a platform that can connect banks, payment systems and people. Integration to move money fast, reliable, and almost without cost. Transactions on the decentralized Stellar network are completed in 2-5 seconds.

So, we see how from various parts of the total technology, the developers have created a better model, we call it Ixinium

In short, we can safely say that the founders of Ixinium have prepared thoroughly, combining only the best tools from the entire blockchain industry. Where the elements of each individual take part, harmoniously complementing the previous elements, and together they create a truly extraordinary platform with all functions.

Token info
Token name: Ixinium
simbol: XXA Tukar 1 XXA = $ 6,6525
Start date: October 1, 2019
End Date: December 30, 2019
Purchase Min: 0, 05BTC, 0.1ETH, 1000 XLM Hard Hat: $ 5,005,341,000 Acceptable: BTC, ETH, XLM


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