IDLV is an ecosystem of membership in various

IDLV is an ecosystem of membership in various applications and online platforms that will be focused on premium delivery and service. The first thing to do is to concentrate on transfer services from a premium school, at the airport, and on high-end car tours around Indonesia. IDLV will also provide morning delivery of fresh produce (especially baby and baby food), which is one of the potential markets for growth in Indonesia.

IDLV will have a strategic alliance with ANTERIN ( for running its business. ANTERIN is a beginner company that provides premium-class cars and motorbikes throughout Indonesia. ANTERIN customers are provided with IDLV to use ANTERIN services.
IDLV maximizes customer benefits by combining Fin-Tech and the blockchain in the rapidly growing O2O market in Indonesia.
IDLV (member token) is obtained using Anterin services, and can also be purchased directly on exchanges with a chain of blocks. Having received membership in Anterin, you will receive the following benefits.
1) Depending on the level of your membership, you will receive various benefits, such as redemption points and travel vouchers. In addition to Anterin services, money back points can be used for various types of consumption through an online shopping center connected to the Anterin application.
2) If the funds are temporary, you can use the prepayment using the membership as a guarantee.
3) Membership can be freely transferred and received on exchanges, so that it has a transparent meaning compared to general membership.

IDLV's goal is to maximize the convenience of its customers by combining Fintech technology and blockchain technology on the online O2O market (Online to Offline), which is growing rapidly in Indonesia.

IDLV IEO Schedule

  • 200 000 000 IDLV @ Rp. 70
  • Date: 19:00 - 24:00 17 May 2019
  • There are pre-sales of 300 million IDLV, but the company will buy 100 million
  • 2 years blocked for company ownership
  • The partnership will be blocked for at least 6 months
  • Team ownership will be blocked for at least 1 month
    31% Company
    2 years blocked
    60% of the mountain contribution
    Strategic partnership for 6 months blocked
    1% IEO
    0.05% erdrop
    0.04% TEAM
    1 month blocked

In the shipping ecosystem, small shops that are difficult to advertise due to limitations in information, technology and capital will be able to buy IDLV and place online advertising specifically for local consumers. At any time, an online platform company (local operators and manufacturers, etc.) can buy IDVL tokens to activate systematic targeted marketing. IDLV tokens can be used for various applications and platforms. Beginning with
ANTERIN, this will allow you to conclude a business alliance with the company Life Utility Solution (online shopping, travel, hospitals

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