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In modern times, scaling is one of the main issues for blockchain technology developers. If we take, for example, the well-known blockchain Ethereum , then today it is extremely slow and inefficient. The transition to a more scalable version of Ethereum is constantly delayed. The Ethereum Beacon project , based on its newest innovative developments, creates a new cryptocurrency project that is fully capable of ensuring the scalability, security and decentralization of the Ethereum blockchain . Company Ethereum Beacon is able to make a smooth transition from transparent technology Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. Although, as you know, Proof-of-Stake does not provide full scaling, but it creates the necessary infrastructure for the introduction of innovative solutions and applications that will help increase the speed of transaction processing up to 1000 transactions per second or even higher. The Ethereum Beacon project will completely solve the Ethereum network bandwidth problem without compromising the security of the entire system. To do this, an advanced scalable blockchain is created in which the most advanced solutions will be presented, including the segmented PoS consensus protocol and the improved Beacon virtual machine

Network Capacity Ethereumwill rise to a radically new level. A revolutionary transaction verification system will be introduced. The so-called central chain, the PoS key chain, will be responsible for storing and updating the registry of validators. In order to become a validator, it is necessary to make a certain pledge which in turn will minimize the risks of incorrect failure. The key chain itself will also process its own block consensus and cross-references of validator confirmations. This advanced combination of internal and cross-segment consensus independent validation creates a fast and efficient and secure network environment that can easily scale and combine all types of applications. How do validators get an effective return on their investment, and the transition toPoS will solve the problem of energy waste and achieve true decentralization that will be free from the dependence of mining farms.

Here are the main stages of the Ethereum Beacon project implementation : Phase
1. Alpha . Transition to a new PoS / validation system . At this stage there will be a transition to a hybrid model of consensus where for some time there will be evidence of work and evidence of share. When the mainnet launches and the distribution of EBEA tokens , a completely new blockchain will be created which will be called the Key chain . Although it will not yet include segmentation, it will help users adapt to the new consensus model.
2. Phase Beta . Implementation of basic segmentation. At the second stage, the initial implementation of the entire segmentation system will be integrated with the key chain. The principle of database segmentation will be used and, at the same time, different parts of the state of the Ethereum Beacon network will be stored in different nodes of the
3. Gamma Phase . Combination with EVM / EWASM .. At this stage, Ethereum Beacon will complete the migration to a new network of key chains. Thus, the segmentation will be implemented in full, including confirmation of transactions and accounting of balances on individual segments.
4. Phase Delta. Asynchronous cross-segmentation, exponential segmentation, and other options. At this stage, the migration of most applications from the old virtual machine to the assembly of Ethereum Beacon will be completed . With the help of a new virtual machine, many new applications will be developed, and this, in turn, will allow you to go really to the unique capabilities of the updated Ethereum network .

By the way, an important addition for everyone! All owners of ordinary Ethereum are entitled to receive fully free EBEA tokens in a one-to-one ratio. This will happen after the snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain on August 8. You can still talk a lot about such an innovative project asEthereum Beacon . But in order not to delay the review, I leave all the necessary and important links below the description. There you will find all the necessary answers to questions that arise when studying the project. In conclusion, I would like to add that the project Ethereum Beacon did not arise by chance or out of the blue. When a great demand arises, but there is no adequate supply, such innovative projects always appear.

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