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The place of intellectual property is uniquely,the hope for which the world has evolved, developed,advanced and grown in lengths and bounds. Intellectual property has evolved from all facets of human existence and has created a world of our own. It is therefore very important to place valuable asset management in place for the users and inventors or owners of this right. In addition,the IP(intellectual Property) stand point navigates on the facet of development and advancement. The blockchain is no exception to the place of IP (Intellectual property),globally. Thus, the ideal need for synchronization of blockchain technology paradigm has erupted and created the Colletrix cryptocurrency blockchain platform. In real sense, the Colletrix has evolved into the cryptomarket place when it is truly needed on the block market. Thus, making it really functional for users to explore the reality value and dividend reward of have created a niche such as an IP(intellectual property) for one's self. The Colletrix stands the functional roadmap blockchain that iterates the value of intellectual property for the users on the cryptomarket.


The colletrix blockchain cryptocurrrency platform is a clear representation of a platform,well defined for it's mission and goal. The colletrix is basically a blockchain Cryptocurrency mall, that uses the blockchain smart contract functionality and technology to shape the manner on which intellectual property rights are valued and paid for. Thus, in earnest the Colletrix stands on the ERC20,ERC712 paradigm for cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus, the platform stands on the transaction framework of Etheruem for a dealings on the platform. This adoption of etheruem makes it liquable in nature for all dealings. The platform dealings can be tuned into all elements of fait currencies as well as crypto-fait in general. The platform represents the element of precise representation for users thereby making it possible for it's users-mission goals in the crypto economy.


The Colletrix represents a set of features..Below are some of these features:

-Crypto-Sharing economy:

The blockchain stands as a cryptocurrency sharing economy which allows users to experience unlimited fait to crypto liquidity at all levels with the token. The platform provides this feature using the ERC20 and ERC712 smart contract functionality for it's users exchange. The platform further increase token rewards for frequent users.


The Colletrix cryptocurrency platform is decentralized in its design to accommodate limitless amount of users in general. The users can share updates of thier IPs limitlessly from any location or country whatsoever when registered on the platform.


The Colletrix platform provides limitless functionality of crypto-to-crypto exchanges constantly. Furthermore, fait to crypto and vice versa can be done on the platform easily.

-Blockchain Reliability:

The smart contract use of ErC20 crypto-features helps to create platform reliable in terms of user usages. Furthermore,the users can enjoy high placement of safety on IPs and personal privacy dataset. This makes the platform more secure and safe for the users.

-Scalable Node:

The Colletrix offers a scalable node for limitless number of user usage at any point in time. Thus making the platform dependable in nature during operations.


All users can see other user operations without any case of favoritism on the platform. Thus, providing room for transparency on the Colletrix project.


The Colletrix roadmap navigates and presents,timeline,goals,objectives,deadlines,and operational project prospects. Below is a detailed feature presentation of the Colletrix cryptocurrency platform roadmap.

-Colletrix Cryptocurrency Roadmap :Image


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