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Jobs are very important to all people in the world who have jobs that we can use to earn income and then improve our lives. The combinations of epoch developments that we can see from the technical implementations have contributed to a better platform for providing solutions to the boys.

Let's look for the solutions we need to pick to find the jobs that have a capability and then see the progress for ecosystem accelerations on the platform and then the transaction payment there, so that the growth of the community for those interested who are out of want to make more opportunity on the platform.

Make it easy to find the opportunity and then make it easy to help all the people in the world make money. Then we can see that the cryptocurrency of the era is getting bigger. That's why I'm going to introduce the new era of solutions right now. Let's introduce CANLEAD to get the opportunity to better find the jobs and impact the income

What is CANLEAD?

The new innovation platform with a good concept makes development an opportunity to create jobs. We can see how easy it is for all users to achieve merit by pointing everyone to the platform to create opportunities, and then you get the reward on your account, and then you can earn more by doing more Complete tasks and then buy tokens to earn in the future. I think that will make it easier for all new users to enjoy the convenience of posting on this platform.

The technology implementation era of Blockchain-Tech will also integrate and establish the ecosystem on the platform, with the blockchain technology on CANLEAD, which brings more benefits and benefits, and then on CANLEAD make a good system by recording and safety for all Users because there is a good decentralized guys and the control of the customer's privacy is very good.

With the Blockchain technology, the CANLEAD Platform can create a great ecosystem for developing opportunity sharing, increasing the reputation for releasing and controlling proof of solution, and ensuring good visibility and control of risk management.

Advantages and features of CANLEAD:

First CANDLEAD is a good opportunity to share with the economy model
The solutions for all people around the world to make money by transferring people
Good implementation of technology with blockchain technology
Have good transparency, including risk management facilitates
good reputation and good platform
high security for the control of the proof and the privacy of the customer
's see now CANLEAD will conduct the IEO exchange in August 2019 in September 2019 and then in October of 2019. The start date will be announced 1 week before the start.

  • Detail von CANLEAD:
  • Token nam: CAND
  • Plattform: Ethereum
  • Type: utility
  • Price: 0.0333 USD
  • Tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 CAND
  • For sale: 600,000,000 CAND
  • Hardcap: 20.000.000 USD

In detail, all team CANLEAD:

Michael Quan, Founder and CEO
Siri Narasimham, Managing Director
Nito Martinez, CTO
Dan Dale, Business Development Manager
Filip Berdowski, Community Manager
Guilherme Muck, PR and Community Manager


Asher Looi, ICO Program
Adviser Irina Spekman, ICO Advisory Board, Business and Finance
Strategy Michael Creadon, ICO Advisory Board, Marketing and Fundraising Adviser
Peter Gold, ICO Advisory Board, HR Technology Industry Advisor

Further information about CANLEAD:

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username : erwin_ibrahim
Bitcointalk profile link :;u=1061924
Ethereum : 0x347A7A7dB223A23774375EFfB6b6e96c5Ac64C1c
Telegram : @erwinibrahim
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