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Over the years, people who live in the stone age since the time of Adam smith from 1723 -1790 according to economist, exchange of goods and service from one participant to another without using a cooperate medium of exchange which is term barter trading have been useful and transactions are done effectively without the need for official currency. This kind of trading have help to grow and develop small and medium scale enterprises according to the historical review by trading expert .
After decade upon decade, financial institutions in the Ecommerce industry spring up to make the barter trading transaction to be more flexible for participant to be exchange with official currency where traders can exchange their goods to cash such the US Dollar , Japanese Yen , British Pound etc. Through the partnership and license from the Government of the host country. This has ease the stress barter traders to carry their goods from one place to the other for exchange of goods for goods or service for service.
Despite these opportunity the financial institutions provided there are still challenges traders currently facing which need to be address with new technology. Such challenges are
Lack of transparency to participant
Delay in transactions
Difficulties in making trans-border payment for online shopping due to government policy
Insecurity due to increase in the number of online theft .

Although the crypto currency innovations was introduce but crypto enthusiast still find it difficult to spend their digital currency in online market shops and also merchant are not left out of these challenges because their goods and service are be stagnated due to poor online infrastructures.

Hence there is a need to solve all these challenges and a marketplace should be create on the blockchain industry and the BIZpaye CRYTPO is the leading platform that can create a robust ecosystem for both merchant and consumers.


BIZpaye CRYTPO is a Singapore group of International Group of Companies that is been develop for multi-value-based B2B and B2C Merchant Marketplace both for offline and online retail marketplace by building a friendly Franchised Operations which cut across twelve countries over the global which is target to meet the needs of everyone globally for online shopping of goods and services , the BIZpaye CRYTPO Member Merchants now full access to exchange a large number of dollars by means of the BIZpaye framework consistently without any obstacle . The BIZpaye CRYTPO) have been operation for the past five years with notable impact on her countries of operation making lifes more convenient for everyone with it robust technology which is built on the state of the art facility.


The diagram below describe the inter connectivity of member in the BIZpaye ecosystem and how operations are been carried out .

The ecosystem comprises of the following
• Members (as Buyers)
• Members (as Sellers)
• Fulfillment Resources
• BIZpaye trade platform
• BIZpaye CRYTPO wallets/decentralized database
• Support Centers


The BIZpaye CRYTPO credit card is the one of its kind in the financial industry where you can use your crypto asset for doing Multi-transactional B2B & B2C Online. The credit card is built with sophisticated technology for maximum security so that users can effectively utilize the card with fear of hackers gaining access into user’s fund. The BIZpaye project have been expanding and envisage to reach out to the outer most part of the world to deliver her quality services so that both consumers and merchant can have a transparent and secure crypto online shopping of goods and services.

Global Trade Management and BIZpaye has created a revolutionize ideology on how transaction should be done in the online crypto marketplace which makes the following to be more effective: Payments and Electronic Funds, Software and IT, B2B and B2C Markets, International Transactions and Businesses, International Business Development, International Sales, Marketing and Product Development, Customer Relationship Management and the sky is the limit from there


One of the great benefits of using BIZpaye crypto is that users of the Bizpaye marketplace will be able swap other tokens they possess on their portfolio which can be swap to the native token of the bizpaye crypto platform. Whether the Tokens value or not users to the platform can swap them easily without any security breach at their own comfort and this does not need help of a third party immediately after the swap has been made users will now be able to buy anything they intend to buy or sell on the BIZpaye Marketplace

Thanks to the team and the advisors who gave these directive to remove burden from crypto enthusiast in the crypto space. With BIZpaye CRYTPO to more worry on how to use your token again .

Therefore think of BIZpaye CRYTPO think of success in adoption of crypto asset.


The BIZpaye Crypto operate with a decentralized blockchain technology which means there is no restriction to buy crypto and use the crypto asset for the online marketplace . Unlike traditional retail marketplace where users of such platform are restricted to use only fiat currency especially in their local currency. hence to make online crypto marketplace and retail market more robust and users friendly the BIZpaye marketplace is now been integrate into the blockchain industry which is located several countries of the world for offline accessibility where users will have the privileged to meet one on one with their merchant and consumers on the spot and also meet the customer care support team for enquiry about the service of the BIZpaye marketplace.


The table below describe more reason why the every now consider the bizpaye marketplace the best platform they rush to for Multi-transactional B2B & B2C Online for their favourite retail marketplace.

This table describe that BIZpaye is have a better choice for online marketplace for price , quality delivery , cross border transactions , high level of transparency with ease of doing online crypto transactions for goods and services and for comfortably services for both merchant and consumers . hence online mega stores , local suppliers ,manufactures direct and high street retailers all lack behind in terms of technology and operate only in a centralize marketplace.
There for looking for ease of doing businesses on the blockchain industry then you need to leverage on the BIZpaye marketplace as your best choice.

Now we understand that the BIZpaye is one of the project everyone now look for in the year 2019 and beyond as a variable currency transactional platform am glad to let you know that BIZpaye have several product you can buy and sell crypto on the bizapaye marketplace as merchant and consumer respectively there you can navigate the {BIZpaye market place right now](https://buyshipsave.shop/)


the team are experience professional in the ecommerce and blockchain industry . their experience in pass have been proven to be succesful in their area of endeavor and with good public reputation . they have study the ecommerce industry and they have seen the lapses and they are dedicated to fix this challenges to make the crypto industry a better place for all , below are the team of BIZpaye CRYTPO

the advisors team make sure the project vision is accomplish as envisage , the advisors contribute their expertieS to the development and grow of the project to meet the emerging digital marketplace .below are the advisors


the customer caare support team are well trained professional who are very polite and tranparent to users of the BIzpaye platform ,all issues users encounter , the customer support team make sure the sure questions and enquiry are attended to promptly with out any delay . they work on 25/7 and you can trust and rely on them .below are the team of professional customer care team .

In my own opinion , BIZpaye Crypto operate on the world class standardization which Is well recognize to create easy of shopping online with crypto in a more productive manner where both merchant and consumers gain satisfaction of what they are looking for to buy and sell without any restriction irrespective of the geo political location or region where you find yourself , the BIZpaye market is design to meet the need of the global village in ecommerce industry .

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