BITWINGS is the first smartphone

In fact, it is not difficult to guess here that the main goal of WINGS MOBILE is to demonstrate to the world its advanced technologies. Which was achieved by new software solutions, artificial intelligence, as well as a whole series of neural structures, combining under their own new standards of security and privacy of their mobile devices. The model that demonstrated all these charms is called Wings Minephone WX .

About the product and its features

To date, WINGS MOBILE already has a number of off-the-shelf products striving to demonstrate their very best qualities worldwide. And also to satisfy the demand of the modern user, who with great pleasure will switch to a new safer, more reliable and ultra-modern smartphone. The main function of which is that it can easily and quickly communicate with all existing cryptocurrencies. And also bring income to your user, due to built-in mining systems, which, as a result of their activities, can achieve a performance of 2 ETH per month! And I want to tell you a sensation, since not a single smartphone in the world is capable of it yet!

About the project and its history

BITWINGS itself - the project represents a whole range of possibilities, therefore, in order not to confuse you, we will analyze each of them. BITWINGS is the so-called home designed specifically for the first ultra-secure smartphone in the world. The main features of which we now consider.Naturally, like any normal person, you may have a question: “what is so unique about it and how did the developers achieve such a high-profile statement as ultra-safe” ?! And so as to deal with this, let's dig deeper into history. The very concept of this project originated back in 2007, when the founders of WINGS MOBILE launched their services as a mobile operator in the wholesale business market ToBusiness (B2B). The activities of WINGS MOBILE were quite successful and very competitive, which as a result allowed us to achieve our outstanding heights and reach our goals today. Of course, as your organization grew, so did the ambition that inspired the founders of WINGS MOBILE launch in 2017 a new retail direction for itself in the form of its own smartphone with advanced extensions and capabilities for the end user. Which, on the whole, has happened, since it was in 2017 that WINGS MOBILE received its first annual ALCI award “For Best Technological Design” . Undoubtedly, each of these stages had its own impact on the further development of the entire WINGS MOBILE space, and also prepared the public for the perception of a new technological product along with the already well-known smartphone brands like: Huawei and Samsung.


Of course, like any other reader of mine, it became very interesting for you to find out what exactly Wings Minephone WX is hidden in the bowels of its casing ?! And I’m happy to tell you about it:

  • firstly, Wings Minephone WX has three-factor authentication, which includes the latest developments in the field of device security and all related applications associated with it;
  • secondly, to ensure maximum reliability and security of its cryptocurrency funds, Wings Minephone WX is equipped with a cold hardware wallet, access to which not a single scammer in the world will get;
  • thirdly, built-in neural technologies are able to provide a high level of confidentiality of all associated user data, ranging from his telephone conversations to other sms messages and audio and video file transfers;
  • and fourthly, the complex of all of the above elements makes it possible to guarantee the popularity of WINGS MOBILE (also known as BITWINGS ) in the future , as well as determine the further value of its token. Despite all the possible fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. For this, the developers limited the issuance of their internal token, and also supported its use in all stores for the purchase of various goods and services.

That is, you now have a complete list of opportunities, make cryptocurrency purchases both online and offline, as well as pay for all kinds of periodic services and even transfer money from person to person. What I find incredibly convenient!


If we consider the structure of the internal BitWings token (WINGS MOBILE), then it is based on the ERC-20 standard and has its own short abbreviation - BWN . In total, 300 million BWN will be released. Of these, 24 million will be sold with a starting price of $ 0.15 for 1 BWN from September 2019. After that, 3 additional additional stages of sales will be held, where the cost of 1 BWN token will already reach $ 0.20 .


The only thing I want to add from myself is the fact that WINGS MOBILE is a really working project with really developed products. What is now extremely rare to meet in cryptocurrency space. Most often, we come across only general ideas and ways of its implementation rather than the product itself. Here in WINGS MOBILE you can get acquainted with the already developed technology and purchase it at very reasonable prices. To study BitWings WINGS MOBILE you may need all the official resources of the project. The links I have already selected at the end of this article.

Official resources of the BITWINGS project:

Username : erwin_ibrahim
Ethereum : 0x347A7A7dB223A23774375EFfB6b6e96c5Ac64C1c

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