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Despite the fact that a decentralized system has been around for a long time and the first blockchain has celebrated this decade, the problem of using Blockchain technology in everyday life is still relevant. Regular users have not used the blockchain themselves, but sometimes use it, applies to some services, for example, checking the authenticity of documents or registering rights. Another problem now with the entire Blockchain industry is the lack of technology and economic integration and project fragmentation. At present, every project has its own and, like a reality program, not everyone is successful.

This is especially true for startups
For businesses today too, there is no simple, clear and cost-effective way to use Blockchain technology in their daily business operations. Companies that want to develop actively, face the need to use breakthrough technology. The introduction of blockchain technology in their operations will completely change their business operations, will bring benefits to those who deserve it. However, it is not easy to penetrate the electronic money industry and blockchain at this time. Need to attract more intellectual, technological and financial resources.

For investors, the same problem is on the other side - they don't have the opportunity to really evaluate the business. They are often forced to make investment decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete information.

In addition, ordinary investors, unlike institutional investors, often do not have the opportunity to fully analyze the project due to lack of preparation and difficulty in verifying information. Therefore, often they cannot seriously invest in business and projects at the pre-sale stage and are forced to pay higher prices for digital assets at the end of crowdsales or market prices. on the stock exchange after capitalization. This is a common problem of trust in real-world companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, professionals and goods.

We all always face inaccurate information, inflation ratings, misjudgment, false news. This is often misleading and prevents correct action. The current solution is not suitable for new market segments that are actively developing to truly enter the real world.

The best solution for all these problems is
Creating integrated universal space in the form of an integrated platform, universal single universal environment - ecosystem characteristics of technology and combination of blockchain economics. The perfect solution will be the BILLCRYPT platform. Every company, professional community, experts in any field can make their own Blockchain Representative on that platform. BILLCRYPT can also be made for goods and generally for all those who need the reliability of historical information.


BILLCRYPT pl is a decentralized global integrated system for the Blockchain representative office (BR)

A single multifunctional infrastructure that brings together the offices of the Blockchain Representatives in the form of the Center's non-collective applications on the blockchain (DApp). A unique platform that combines all the advantages of the real world and virtual space, familiar Internet, and blockchain. This is the next step in development - virtual space with real possibilities. A comfortable platform environment with a comfortable interface will enable people to develop their most effective business integrated into the system through their own Blockchain Representative.

Representative Blockchain is a separate software package for decentralized applications (DApp) based on the BILLCRYPT platform, which is used in the usual form for BR owners based on the website content principle, where the owner Performs all actions and settings. BR external parts are placed in the appropriate topic section of platform and available to all users.

There, users can get all reliable information about BR owners and take the actions they need (buy and sell goods or service BR owners, their tokens and ViP, participate in promotions and place orders, receive rewards for that). At software level, BR is a complex DApp that provides access to blockchain owner resources on the platform and integrates enterprise blockchain resources (if needed) on platforms and then global blockchain.

The main blockchain feature

Initially, the BILLCRYPT platform was built on the blockchain Ethereum. Ethereum currently has the largest number of nodes among all blockchain, making it the most decentralized. The Blockchain based platform has the following amazing features:

  • All information about encrypted blocks;
  • Hash is a guarantee of the conservation of blocks added to the block chain;
  • Digital signatures and keys (private and public) protect information from unauthorized access, ensure system security and cannot be accessed by outsiders.

Therefore, data is stored on the blockchain and is protected by strong encryption using digital signatures. The process of writing data to blocks is a one-time process. It can't be changed in any way.

All information is formed in the form of different types of data and archive structures:

  • Identity management
  • Document
  • Management activities
  • Business activities • Transaction processing
  • dll.

Token information

Valuable digital assets are protected by the ERC20 Standard Smart Contract code released on the Ethereum platform. Emissions once and are limited to 152 000 000 BILC. Tokens can be divided up to 0.00000001 BILC.

The financial model of deflation - introducing limited repetition to the market, obtaining tokens from profits, smart contracts with the function of burning the founder's token to protect market value.


At the beginning of the pre-sales period from the date of writing of the White Paper version, the initial investor was converted to BILLCRYPT 7 775 981 USD


3 July - 30 September 2019 or after reaching the price of the Hard stamp
ITO - 1 BILC = 1 USD = 0.005 ETH
Soft cup = 10 000 000 USD = 50 000 ETH
Hard cup = 80 000 000 USD = 400 000 ETH
44% problem = 66,880. 000 BILC will be available for sale at ITO

Use of funds



Our project is actively developing, respectively, this version of Whitepaper can be considered unfinished. This will be done repairs and additions. The updated version will be posted on the project website on time. Nothing contained in this Chalkboard can be considered as a prospectus in any form, investment offer or invitation and is not related to an offer to buy any securities in any zone. any jurisdiction. This document is not prepared in accordance with the laws or regulations of any jurisdiction to protect investors and is not regulated by them.

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