Blockchain market came in shape in the year 2008 when Bitcoin was launched in the market. It was brought underway to be used as a digital currency to facilitate seamless transactions. However, even after a decade of its inception, there are various issues that prevent the adoption of Blockchain technology by the common people. Complexity in using Blockchain and its non-organized system is one of the major issues that create a problem for the common people to exploit this technology to its fullest. Furthermore, lack of integration and economic as well as technological disintegration of Blockchain projects is another issue in its adoption. Though many startups embrace this technology, many of them fail after a certain period. There needs to be a simple and cost-effective way to integrate blockchain technology in the day-to-day processes of business.

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize businesses by giving advantages to every business. However, infiltration of blockchain and cryptocurrency market is quite difficult. It requires technological, intellectual and financial resources. In the case of investors, the problem lies in the fact that they cannot assess the businesses properly and details about them before making an investment decision. In such a scenario, investors have to take information by utilizing vague and incomplete information. So, this lack of opportunity hinders investors to invest in serious companies or from investing in the pre-sale stage. As a result, they have to settle with the high cost at the final stage. Inaccurate information, false ratings, fake reviews, false news, etc misleads the investors and they often invest in the wrong entity.

In order to pose a solution to the aforementioned problems, there is a need to create a consolidated space or integration platform that amalgamates economic and technological properties and utilizes blockchain. This idea laid the foundation of Billcrypt pl. It is a decentralized platform that is used by the companies, professionals, enterprises, specialist, etc to create their Blockchain Representation. The can feed their details in their BR and update it from time to time. In this way, their BR would serve as their identity that would serve accurate information to the investors. BR offers the reliability of historical information as well as status-quo. Hence, investors can make well-informed decisions after properly evaluating the BR of businesses. It even helps the common people to evaluate products and services from their BR and choose the best. Billcrypt facilitates the creation of BR catalog that will supply credible information on the reputation and status of the BR holders.

What is Billcrypt?

Billcrypt is a global decentralized platform that aims at bringing blockchain at everyone’s disposal. It combines economic and technological properties together to create a platform that allows the hassle-free implementation of blockchain technology. This multifunctional platform creates Blockchain Representation (BR) of companies, professionals, products and specialists. It exploits decentralized apps or DApp based on blockchain and a simple interface. It combines blockchain projects with real sector projects to create an all-in-one interblockchain infrastructure. This ecosystem allows anyone to create their BR that stands as their badge of credibility.

The platform garners benefits for everyone from investors to common people. It facilitates the investors to make a well-informed investment decision as they can assess businesses and their creadibility through their BR andVirtual Image. Ordinary users can also leverage the platform to evaluate products and services before making any buying decisions. It is based on Ethereum blockchain and follows ERC-20 standards.

Billcrypt works as a:

• Storage for digital asset
• A privilege card that provides access to BR offices and projects
• A ticket to get access to closed re-sales
• An internal digital currency that can be used to pay for functions of BR offices

In the platform, users can purchase crypto assets. These assets are in the form of tokens which give certain privileges to the asset owners. Billcrypt serves as an imperative financial entity as it is bestowed with revolutionary properties like blockchain technology and economic properties.
The problem of reliable investment is addressed by Blockchain. The blockchain technology facilitates reliability of data. In the platform, companies, projects, professionals and enterprises can create their Blockchain Representation offices where they can display all business-related information so that the investors can evaluate the details and make decisions quickly. Furthermore, even ordinary users can assess product details to choose the best ones. A Virtual image of the company is created that is updated with all the information of the companies. So, investors can access the data in real-time and make adjustments according to the ongoing state of affairs.

The platform has its own token by the name of BILLCRYPT. It introduced three concepts: Blockchain Representation, Virtual Image Part and Initial VIP Offering. There are five stages of project implementation:
• Development of ideas and planning
• Fundraising
• Development of platform
• Scaling of the platform
• Platform’s integration with blockchains.

Token Details

Billcrypt offers its own token which is denoted by BILC. Smart Contract Codes protect the asset and it is issued under Ethereum platform’s ERC-20 standards.
• The emission limit set for the tokens is 152 million BILC.
• Each token can be divided up to 0.00000001 BILC.
Through smart codes, founders have the power to burn tokens for protecting market value. The tokens can be transferred to other platforms. Furthermore, BILC tokens provide unlimited access on the platform. Apart from this, BILC can be used for several purposes:
• Making payments for services and products
• For acquisitions of ViP
• Attracting funds from the community of crypto currency
• Earnings for the users
• Payment for additional services

The initial stage of pre-sale witnessed conversion of investors funds to 7,775,981 BILC
Token sale from 3rd July to 30th September or on reaching Hardcap
1 BILC = 1 USD = 0.005 ETH
Hardcup is fixed at 80 million USD or 400 thousand ETH.
44% of the issue value will be available for sale.
44% = 66,880,000

Token distribution pattern:

• 44% tokens are reserved for sale
• 20% of tokens are for reserv
• 8% for early investors
• 12% for the team and founders
• 12% for marketing
• 2% for advisors
• 2% for bounty program

Use of funds

• 25% devoted for development
• 25% devoted for marketing
• 15% devoted for stabilizing funds
• 15% devoted for scaling
• 10% devoted for the team
• 5 % on legal expenses
• 5% on expenses related to administrative tasks


• Ideation of a multi-functional platform powered by blockchain.

• Conceptualization. Making arrangements for technologies, tasks and solutions.

Q2 2018:
• Project development along with its economic and security.
• Entering into agreement with partners.
• Billcrypt’s smart contract was incepted and preparation for pre-sale were made.

27 June 2018:
• Rolling out of the test version of Billcrypt.
• Applications for pre-sale were accepted.
• The rate of 1 BILC= 0.5 USD.

Q3 2018:
• On 8 Aug 2018, Emission limit of 152 million BILC was established along with launch of closed pre-sale
• A minimum amount of 5,000 USD to purchase 10,000 BILC was required. Investment funds from existing investors were converted to BILC

Q4 2018:
• Whitepaper development was complete.
• Several developments in the existing system were made. The final stage of closed pre-sale was organized on 18th October.
• The rate of 1 BILC= 0.6 USD. On 16th November, applications for open pre-sale were accepted.
• The rate of 1 BILC= 0.75 USD. So, the minimum amount to buy 20,000 BILC was 15,000 USD.

Q1 2019:
• Project process modeling
• Introduction of terms and concepts of BR and ViP
• Creating innovation economic model
• Negotiations with institutional investors.
• The concept of BR was extended.

Q2 2019:
• BR concept extension;
• Modeling of system processes;
• Introduction of term and concept of IVO (Initial ViP Offering)
• Language localization (French, Spanish, Korean, German,
Italian, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
• Marketing, PR & advertising before the start of Token Sale
• Connecting to the project key figures of the crypto world
• Negotiations with institutional investors

Q3 2019:
• ITO began on 3rd July 2019.
• 1 BILC= 1 USD
• The legal procedures were added to the system. Complete distribution of BILC should take place. BILC would feature on exchange listing.

Q4 2019:
•Integration of platform with external resources. Inception of trade of Billcrypt and development of economy of Billcrypt.

Q1 2020:
• Testing of BR and ViR on the platform.

Q2 2020:
Platform’s technical and economic development and test of ViP and BR.

Q3 2020:
• Inception of all intended functions of platform.
• Inception of closed pre-sale of partnership.

Q4 2020:
• Launch of feature-loaded BR.
• Inception of ICO projects and open pre-sale.

2021 and onwards:
• Expansion on BR and Billcrypt worldwide along with expanding the existing capabilities.


Billcrrypt’s team consists of zealous professionals who have acumen in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. The professionals know how to develop pioneering ideas by exploiting economic and financial principles. The founders are experts in entrepreneurial and managerial skills while the team members are experts in their field of specialization. Together, the team at Billcrypt believes in creating a ulti-functional platform that can transform the way blockchain is used.


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