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The majority of crypto currency traders around the world have little knowledge of the basis of crypto currency trading, some even lack the real technicality involved and because of this they have recorded losses in all their trades. This is why AMANPURI has introduced a new exchange that will bring more technical things to crypto currency traders.

AMANPURI is designed with the highest value in the history of crypto currency trading. This platform is designed with a good security system to protect the assets of traders. Another feature of AMANPURI is providing good customer support and a good user interface that is also a great feature of this platform.

AMANPURI is also designed with low trade costs, a high level of trust and transparency are other features that AMANPURI has implemented on its platform. If you have been a trader for some time and year, I believe you will agree with me when I say the crypto currency exchange platform has been extorting traders and their members for years. The majority of trading platforms do not have transparency reports that should make it easier for traders to checkmate their platform activities and progress widely.

At the beginning or at the launch of a new crypto currency exchange platform, the platform always promised heaven and earth to get more traders and customers to their platforms where at the end of the day they didn’t always meet expectations. Today I am happy to tell all my customers and followers that AMANPURI has come to the crypto space to revolutionize the entire trade and exchange industry through the use of blockchain technology. One of the advantages of blockchain technology is a high level of transparency which means that data and information for each transaction can be verified on the blockchain network.

As stated above, the purpose and objectives of the AMANPURI platform include low trade and exchange fees. Trading costs are another obstacle for traders lately, they are seen using profits generated to pay for trade and withdrawal fees on other trading platforms, which is why the AMANPURI trading and exchange platform has introduced low trade costs on the platform. .

I mention using it as one of the AMANPURI platform features. Leveraging has been the best trading method for years where large profits have been generated by traders involved in spot trading. AMANPURI also provides 24/7 customer support services to traders who are lacking on other trading platforms.

A good user interface has become another great feature of the AMANPURI trading platform. With a good and simple AMANPURI user interface, both new members (beginners) and professionals will be able to navigate and trade on platforms without difficulty.

On a final note, the security of most trading platforms has been under great threat recently because we have seen many exchange platforms hacked. This is why AMANPURI has adopted a new security system to protect the assets of traders and customers on the platform.

AMANPURI has introduced its own original token that will be used on the platform for all forms of prizes and trade fees.


  • Token Name => AMANPURI
  • Token Type => ERC20
  • Symbol Token => AML
  • Price Token => 1 AML – $ 0.08 USD


  • 60% is allocated for sales
  • 20% is allocated for Exchange Holdings
  • 10% allocated to the team
  • 5% allocated for advisors
  • 5% allocated for various prizes


  • 62.3% Allocated for Management & Administration
  • 27.7% is allocated for Marketing
  • 8% is allocated for Development
  • 2% allocated for initial preparation


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