ALLSESAME - Market Based on Blockchain Technology

The use of blockchain technology and AI has helped the world to eliminate food wastage and has also helped to re-inovate the food value chain SESAME project will help Eateries, Grocery stores and different venders of already prepared or bundled food associated with close-by customers. This has led to good communication of between vendors and customers in striking a quick deal.

SESAME project has helped in cutting down on costly limited time costs, SESAME platform gives nourishment organizations a prepared group of onlookers coordinated over inclinations area, value focuses and cooking styles. SESAME helps foot traffic for nourishment retailers, and also offers better promotion to potential clients in a specific Geographic span around the store.

SESAME App tracks sustenance free market activity to guarantee that the likelihood for surplus being squandered is diminished impressively. Evaluating pockets of request and supply over a few factors brings about making the whole sustenance esteem chain increasingly proficient.

Nourishment wastage due to not offering it by end of day; frequently discarded as opposed to sold end of day with advancements.

Knowing when a café is open/shut; and not thinking about new cafés in your neighborhood interruptions to ordinary administrations

Counterfeit Reviews where nobody can confirm or approve, prompts deluding data making unjustifiable points of interest for terrible entertainer eateries

Hard to fill tables or sell conveyances on low traffic days/times which can sway the reality income

Low Acceptance of digital money with few use cases which illuminate genuine issues
Powerlessness to put arranges in specific eateries since it is out of a conveyance territory

Easy to understand: Simple to utilize application that can be used to purchase/sell sustenance things.

Cashless: SESAME application clients will most likely interpret on the blockchain utilizing the sesame token to execute cashless exchange

Blockchain: The platform utilizes blockchain innovation to track and record sustenance things all through the inventory network.

Worldwide: SESAN team will build up the platform with the intend to dispense with nourishment wastage around the globe.


Development Concept

Sesame token ideas speaks to an effectively adaptable component rich stage that supplements administrations, giving approaches to extra collaboration between the stage and conventional organizations


Sesame token task incorporates formation of a few base capacities, important to lead productive and modest business exchanges between framework members.


Sesame token will give a shared system of related hubs dependent on Ethereum blockchain. Every hub stores a complete duplicate of the sesame token blockchain.

Trust and Transparency

Trust and transparency guarantees responsibilities in which all members in the inventory network will have data about one another and can effectively follow and track nourishment supplies.

Safe and Secure

All exchanges are verified, responsible what's more, detectable. What's more, utilizing savvy gets, all purchasers/merchants can arrange bargains and get auspicious installments to improve their income cycles

Unwavering quality

The framework depends on smart-contracts and no one in the store network is reliant on one another. All exchanges will be executed without the need to implement trust

Token Name => Sesame Token
Token Symbol => SST
Token Type => ERC20
Token Supply => 10,000,000,000 SST

ICO Sales => 1st May 20th May 2019
Token Price => $0.001
Accepted Payment Method => BTC, ETH

60% Allocated for Token Sales
20% Allocated for Reserve
12% Allocated for Marketing & Bounties
8% Allocated for Team and Advisors


40% Allocated to software and business development
30% Allocated to Marketing and Global Expansion
20% Allocated to Insurance Development
10% Allocated to Miscellaneous


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Ethereum : 0x347A7A7dB223A23774375EFfB6b6e96c5Ac64C1c
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