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About Sesame Token
Sesame Token - is the Blockchain Ecosystem, which is architecturally designed to create a Global Food Delivery Marketplace that is socialized, collaboratively developed, uses blockchain technology

  • The concept of developing thesesame token concept is a minimized feature-rich platform that complements the services provided by traditional financial, legal, insurance and logistics institutions, and expands and enhances their capabilities, providing a way for additional collaboration between traditional and business platforms.
  • Sesame Token technology will provide peer-to-peer networks from related nodes based on the Etherchain blockchain. Each node stores a complete copy of the sesame sesame blockchain. These nodes are provided in personal architecture, as well as open blockchain structures to maximize protection against unauthorized data modifications.
  • Project structure of sesame tokens will include the creation of several basic functions, such as smart contract initiation, payment processing, digital ID support and others, which are needed to conduct efficient and inexpensive commercial transactions between system participants.
  • Transparency Transparency ensures accountability. All participants in the supply chain will have information about each other and can easily track and track food supplies. This creates a single platform and allows participants to find better suppliers / buyers and enables better communication to improve the entire supply chain and improve efficiency.
  • Men and comfortable All transactions are guaranteed, accountable, and traceable. In addition, by using smart contracts, all buyers / sellers can negotiate agreements and receive timely payments to improve their cash flow cycle.
  • Reliability Because this system is based on smart contracts, no one in the supply chain must be interdependent. All transactions will be executed without the need to enforce "trust."


Token sesame providing food delivery service on request blockchain clients through technology that terdesentra l ization. As such, it has eliminated the need for third party providers needed by conventional means of offering food services on demand.

Sesame Token aims to create a platform not only for customers to access instant food delivery but for restaurants and couriers to make direct transactions.


Sesame tokens are a decentralized food network empowered by Blockchain and AI. This maximizes pe Utilization of food d and reduced waste. It offers real-time search for excess food in restaurants, grocery stores & packaging foods and helps direct them to buyers at discounted prices.

Waste food because it doesn't sell it at the end of the day; often dumped rather than sold at the end of the day with a promotion.

Find out when restaurants open / close: and don't know about new restaurants in your area or disruptions to normal services.

Fake Reviews where no one can verify or validate, which leads to misleading information creating unfair profits for bad restaurant actors.

It is difficult to fill in a table or sell shipping on a low traffic day / time that can affect bottom line income .

Low acceptance of cryptocurrency with several use cases that solve real problems.

Inability to order at certain restaurants because they are outside the shipping area.

Allows restaurants to make last minute transactions to sell food rather than throwing it away.

Facilitated Data Sharing and "Feedback Systems" in real-time help keep restaurant information accurate and updated.

The Feedback System empowered by "Smart Contracts" ensures that only people who order can make genuine reviews to create an honest ecosystem.

"Last Minute" and "End of Today" Offer - push notifications to customer calls for ordering food and food. Reduce the reserve table and reduce leftovers; promote discounts or offers to loyal followers.

The Sesame Token will allow millions of people to use and experience the application "supported by Blockchain" without technological complexity.

By integrating AI and ML into the shipping system, we will provide an effective delivery mechanism to ensure users can get their favorite food from favorite restaurants on demand.

Token Name: Sesame Token
Token symbol: SST
Standard token: ERC20
Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Starting: April 25, 2019
End date: May 20, 2019
The number of tokens for Pre-Sales: 1,500,000,000
Price of Token 1 SST - 0.001 USD
Pre-Sales Bonuses: + 20%
Received: BTC, ETH
Soft Pre-Sales Hats: $ 800,000 USD
Hard Stamp in Pre-Sales: $ 1,200,000


2018 Q1
Concept of development
Market research and competitive analysis

2018 Q2
Team Q2 setting and Advisory Board
Business Model Development

2018 Q3
Application of smart contracts with solidity
Marketing strategy planning
Fundraising campaign

2018 Q4
Q4 Whitepaper's first official report
Release MVP - Desktop application

2019 Q1
Combine new members to the AllSesame team
Release MVP - Mobile application
Main strategic partnership

2019 Q2
Whitepaper, Pitch-deck and one-pager release
Pre-Sales and Pre-ICO
Segmentation and customer relations
Web platform development, Alpha release for feedback
Social Network Integration
Beta and Android Beta applications
Partnership with restaurants and cafes

2019 Q3
ICO adjustment Q3
Release beta version of the Web platform
Launch of the Sesame Token advertising platform for third parties
Integration of AI and ML

2019 Q4
Launch of the AllSesame platform globally.
Vertical and horizontal scaling.
List of Sesame Tokens on the Centralized and Centralized Exchange
Meet our Expert

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