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This time I will share related payment cards where today is very important in terms of our daily transactions. Yes payment cards have more than 77% of global trade, more than 257 billion cards are issued for transactions in the world. Previously payment cards were designed for offline transactions, where the customer approved the transaction by signing the manual receipts, payment cards are not designed to deal with modern fast-moving for our economy at world. Their popularity is largely due to the lack of acceptable alternatives to electronics payment. The use of payment cards expands anachronistic system, which means suffering a large part of infrastructure inefficiency.

The payment card ecosystem structure is very complex and consists of several participants:

Credit card associations (Visa, MasterCard), bank issuance, acquiring banks, and gateway payments, for some oligopolistic market names and obligation players each control their network, show rules and fees, this centralized structure causes inefficiencies.

Now how about AIGO, is an effort to design infrastructure development, which will have the potential to grow into a fully decentralized payment system.

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AIGO's vision

The blockchain technology holds a big promise to change the payment industry. Problem described in the previous section can be overcome with a blockchain based on peer-to-peer payments network that allows flexibility and scalability of payment cards through a decentralized platform. Like the Protocol will be able to facilitate transactions between customers and traders, eliminate brokers along the way, save large amounts of funds for traders and customers, increase overall efficiency and reduce risk. The adoption of blockchain can have advantages increase the use of cryptocurrency for everyday transactions.

Online Payments

Some types of payment cards are managed and run on certain networks such as

visa, mastercard, and American express (AmEx). This includes several types of cards such as credit,

debit, prepaid, and fee cards. Payment gateway system such as paypal or stripe and e-wallet

systems such as apple wallets and Google wallets were developed in the payment card environment.

AIGO - Ecosystem

Each card swipes or makes a complicated process, because payment data is generated and sent through a complex network of related private interest activities, each of which costs to drive transactions through:

Card network, which acts as a central point that facilitates transactions between users and acquiring entities, when building protocols and other parties involved in card processing are asked to follow them.

They provide access to payment terminals, processing and withdrawal services, as well as bank accounts where stored funds can be saved (Secure Online Wallet).

Problems of banks and processors - maybe deposit holders or related credit card account, because it provides various levels of back-office support, the main goal is to increase security when transferring payment data.

Terminal Payments and interface services - Services like this serve as a portal that connects eCommerce traders and users. Subsequent payments can get personal benefits by offering additional services such as analysis and reporting of transaction results.

Payment in installments.

AI AIGO's payment chain allows traders to sell products and services in installments. To give customers more shopping options, traders can choose to integrate with party extension services and allow customers to pay for their purchases. Credit companies will handle everything customer background checks and manages related risks. Possible implementations include company credit that prepares special withdrawal contracts with installment-based payments scheduled for customer.

Important announcement regarding $AIGO Token Swap and Bounty Campaign Distribution !

A dashboard of accounts is used to view account details and to connect wallet-to-wallet. Wallet is

the user's private key holder, whether the user executes an action or approves the wallet via the

blockchain. A-Wallet will facilitate the interaction of bill payments and between accounts. This

interaction consists of PullRequests, approves transactions, shows transaction history, and displays

account balance. We will develop two versions of the A-wallet.

Allocation Tokens

50% : AIGO Pre-Sale and IEO Sale

 17% : Reserved Funds
 13% : Founders and Core Team ( Lock 1 Year )
 10% : Development, Product Testing and Beta Testnet
 5% : Marketing cost for Partnership or Market Maker
 3% : Allocation for Advisors
 2% : Community Campaign (ex. Airdrop and Bounty)

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