Spring Is Here Already

While on a doggie walk late last night Puma and I have spotted many common snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) covering the green patches along the river Sava. Since we were in the mountains for the last couple of days it was a surprise for us that almost every little piece of grass and dirt is covered in snowdrops like a blanket.


This photo was taken in the night with a smartphone. I used a headlamp as an additional source of light.

Snowdrops or Little Bells? Both!

Slovenian name for a snowdrop is zvonček which means little bell. For me this is a more appropriate name for this foreteller of the spring to come.

Have a great remaining of the winter and a smooth transition into a blossoming spring.

Better and better!
![Orange Swan By Lemark](http://i.imgur.com/WH6q81o.png)

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In Italy we call this flower "bucaneve" that means it pierce the snow ^_^

05.03.2017 21:07

Interesting. A very good name!


05.03.2017 21:20