Join Me On Belacam

Belacam is a social network and a content appreciation platform which has recently and after a complete remake opened its doors to accept new users.

It is blockchain based like Steem, Scorum, Sola, Golos, ... and has its Belacoin which is currently ranked at no. 669..You can publish one photo add a time, add some text and tags and ... that's it. Really straightforward and effective.So, what are you waiting on? Jump on Belacam and become an early adopter.

Referral System

Belacam also has a system in which you can refer new users and receive a commision.The links above contain my referral code. You can use them without it if you wish. Or you can join through it then start spreading the good news with your own referral link. It is always your choice!

Write once, publish many times

Why don't you recycle your posts on several platforms? It is your content after all. Publish it here and on Belacam then see how it fares.

More on Belacam

In the next articles, I will explain the details of the platform.Ps: these are not as far as complicated as are Steem or Golos :)

Good luck on Belacam!

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