Обновление кода на VPS. Pure мастернода.

Как настраивать masternode Pure описано в этом посте.

Иногда нужно делать обновление кода, что не всегда тривиально :).

-Как делать Upgrade Pure

или копипаст ниже.

Upgrade PURE code

Click here to read update from github instructions

This is only needed if the wallet code on github has been updated after you have your mn up and running.

Run this as root with the pure daemon running to recompile pure and update the running masternodes.

bash -c "$(wget -qO- -o- goo.gl/T6EKiJ)"

O is the letter not the number if you are typing this out.

PuTTY is highly recommended in order to use copy/paste.

Once done go to your wallet, unlock it, and start the mn again.

You can view the script here https://goo.gl/T6EKiJ

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